Big Tobacco Is Looking to Make Their Mark on Electronic Cigarettes

Posted by Chris | E-Cig News | Thursday 20 June 2013 7:55 pm

Electronic cigarettes and similar devices have officially joined the mainstream. With more and more smokers joining the ranks of vapors on a daily basis comes more and more manufacturers putting out products. The major tobacco manufacturers have taken notice of vaping and are officially beginning to throw their hats in the ring. We’ve put together our thoughts on how this trend will affect vaping, and gathered an update on some of the vapor products soon to be offered by traditional tobacco makers.

While some vapers may complain that major players joining the electronic cigarette industry will cause harm, it’s important to point out that one of the most popular brandsMark Ten will be the first e cig from the Altria Group of e cigs out there is currently owned by a traditional cigarette company. Lorillard Inc. (the maker of Newport Cigarettes) has owned Blu Electronic Cigarettes for over a year now. Blu consistently puts out a great product that is enjoyed by thousands of loyal vapers. Lorillard was the first major tobacco company to step into the electronic cigarette market; they will soon be joined by R.J. Reynolds and the Altria Group. Just this week executives from R.J. Reynolds (Camel Cigarettes)  held a press conference to introduce their first e cig. It will be called Vuse and will make its debut in the state of Colorado beginning July 1. Vuse is said to deliver a better vaping experience due to the fact that it will be capable of putting out a full bodied drag of vapor, even on the first puff. R.J. Reynolds claims that it will be a “game changing” product. As people who have a hankering for reviewing electronic cigarettes we are looking forward to giving one a shot once they are released. A month after Vuse hits stores the Altria Group (Marlboro Cigarettes) plans to release their electronic smoking option in the state of Indiana. They plan to call it Mark Ten and offer both a tobacco and a menthol flavor. Their e cigarette will have a four draw tip, which means that the cartomizer will have four holes in it which is said to enhance the vaping experience by offering more consistent drags.

One thing that the Big Tobacco companies do not seem to be interested in offering is variety. They are all sticking to one nicotine level and two flavors; tobacco and menthol. This alone will allow other electronic cigarette companies to put out competing products simply by giving vapers more options when it comes to their e cigs. There are also no plans for selling e juice or providing products for vapers who prefer mods at the current time. While Big Tobacco will be stepping into the market, and their ability to distribute e cigs from coast to coast will certainly give them an advantage over smaller companies, there will still be room for all of the other brands to grow. The electronic cigarette market is still relatively small compared to the number of analog smokers out there. As the number of vapers increases the smaller companies will still be able to survive and even grow as long as they keep putting out good products.

Even as Big Tobacco is turning their attention to vapor pre-existing electronic cigarette makers are standing their ground and growing quickly. NJoy recently finished with a round of fund raising. In the end they raised $75 million and took on famous investors like Bruno Mars and Sean Parker. This readies them to compete with larger companies and solidifies what every vaper already knows; that e cigarettes really are the future. They will continue to grow and in time become a staple. Even the business community agrees, as evidenced by the fact that they are now willing to be electronic cigarette makers themselves. It will be very interesting to see how everything plays out. We are certainly looking forward to giving all of the new products a try and following up by providing you with our first hand reviews.

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