Nothing is All Bad; The Silver Lining to FDA Regulation

clouds revealing their silver liningBy now it’s common knowledge that the FDA proposal includes adding e-cigarettes under the tobacco heading. Most vapers aren’t too happy about the potential outcome of that, and they are making their voices heard through comments on the proposal. But, there really is a silver lining in every cloud, even if it takes a bit of creative searching to find it. Let’s take a look at some potential positive outcomes that could happen if the proposal is successful in the eyes of the FDA.

More Research

When Big Tobacco was making their push to get more people smoking they offered a lot of misleading information. Years later, all of the medical issues involved with smoking became apparent. That’s not something anyone wants to deal with then it comes to vaping. There is no doubt that just about anything is better for you than smoking tobacco, but with FDA financial backing, more studies can be done to see exactly what the risks are, if any. If nothing else researchers may find more effective ways to create safe flavors or reduce any potential health risks.

Better Hardware

There are some very elaborate and well-built vapor products available right now, but more research might lead to even better electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Most people probably dread it, but you can safely assume that if the FDA gets control there will be some sort of child proofing methods developed. That might not be a bad idea after all and could put an end to some of the arguments that the anti-vapor camp likes to put out in reference to child safety. Design standards could also eliminate safety concerns such as “exploding batteries” and devices that allow nicotine juice to leak out onto vapers’ skin. A little oversight will almost certainly pull a good number of poorly built e cigs off of the shelves, leaving better vaporizers and a higher standard for manufacturers to live up to and build upon.

What Vapers Don’t Want

Big Tobacco has such a horrible track record that consumers don’t want them favored when it comes to the FDA proposal. If Big Tobacco gets what they want, they will own the e cig market, which means that prices will soar and consumers won’t have any faith in the research conducted because Big Tobacco is known for researching with their own agendas in mind. Those agendas have nothing to do with consumer concerns or safety. Realistically Big Tobacco will be a key player in the regulation and overall future of electronic cigarettes. It will be up to vapers, consumer safety organizations and groups like CASAA to help ensure that Big Tobacco does not get a stranglehold on the industry. Do your part by following the news as it develops and paying attention to how the candidates that you vote for feel about vapor, as well as the public health and the Big Tobacco lobbies.

The other big issue is taxes. There is absolutely no reason for a spike in taxes on vapor products. More taxes are clearly part of the FDA’s plan, as they are trying to lump e cigs in with already highly taxed tobacco products. Some smokers who are looking to vapor products to help them quit smoking are going to rethink that option if the cost gets too high. Big Tobacco already knows this, but since that means they would benefit either way, they are going to promote higher taxes and regulations that make it harder for small businesses to compete. Remember, Big Tobacco is already used to paying taxes and dealing with federal regulation. If the ending regulation is too restrictive it will be harder for small vapor companies to get their products approved and on the market, whereas this is not as much of an issue for Big Tobacco companies that already have the financial and logistical means to get this done.

At the end of the day there will be some silver lining to regulation for electronic cigarettes. A little oversight has been known to help and will likely show through in product quality. It is our hope that “a little” oversight is all that the vapor industry ends up being subject to. Here’s hoping!


  1. Chris

    To be honest we are not in support of FDA regulation either. The vast majority of our content speaks out against it, and asks vapers to support CASAA and to get organized. This piece was to show that there are two sides to every story, even if we heavily favor one side over the other. We feel that every issue that comes up for the vapor community must be evaluated this way.Even as it was being posted we realized that everyone would not agree with the article, but appreciate the feedback regardless. Getting vapers talking and acting is our main goal.

  2. Yea, this article is so off base it’s not even funny. Safer flavors? How about BANNED flavors you morons.

    Also PROOFREAD things you decide to put on the internet. It makes you look stupid when you write “takes” instead of “taxes”

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