South Beach Smoke Air Personal Vaporizer Reviewed

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Monday 19 May 2014 2:14 pm

It seems that the electronic cigarette has all but officially gone the way of the personal vaporizer. South Beach Smoke, one of the first companies to bring cig-a-like- style electronic cigarettes to the mainstream, has just released their very own personal vaporizer. They are calling their it the South Beach Smoke Air. We took one for a test drive over the past week, and are ready to share what we found out about one of the newest PVs on the market.

The Hardware

South Beach Smoke Air Personal Vaporizer ReviewedSize is the first factor that you will notice. The Air is about as compact as a personal vaporizer gets. With a battery that measures in at just 4” and a tank that falls in at around 2” it slides easily into a shirt or pant pocket while you are on the go. The battery delivers 350mAh, which isn’t too shabby for a compact. It produces enough vapor to satisfy, but is not the battery that you want if your goal is to spew enormous clouds of vapor. The Air did just fine to get me through the day and even an evening out for cocktails. If you are set on a larger battery you do have options. The starter kit comes with the Mini battery, however South Beach Smoke does offer both a Standard 650mAh battery and a High Capacity 900mAh option. Both of these batteries are larger which takes away some of the compactness, but that is the trade-off with pretty much every e cig out there.

The tank is sturdy and sleek. Based in stainless steel and glass it is technically a clearomizer and holds up to 1 ml of juice. The tip is plastic, but it is well designed and seals tightly when screwed on to the tank and even comes with a stainles stell cap to seal your device when you aren’t vaping. One thing that makes the Air a bit different is that you don’t replace the atomizer when it wears out; rather you replace the entire tank. The “hidden wick” atomizer is built right into the tank itself.  That might sound like a negative, but the tanks are priced at just $10 which is about the amount that many PV manufacturers would charge you for a replacement atomizer alone.

South Beach Smoke Air Personal Vaporizer Reviewed


South Beach Smoke does warn you to only use their e juices in the Air. While this is something that we hear from every manufacturer, the atomizer will perform differently if you use other liquids. It really boils down to the fact that South Beach Smoke uses a 70/30 PG/VG mix. This ratio gives you more throat hit and less of the cloud effect. If you were to use a mix with the same or very similar ratio you should be just fine. Be cautious of using mixes that favor vegetable glycerin (VG), as they will probably gunk up the atomizer and make vaping considerably more difficult and less satisfying. With the popularity of custom e liquid you won’t have any trouble at all finding another juice to vape with the Air. On the up and up South Beach Smoke does have a solid selection of very tasty juices.

In the spirit of compatibility the Air features “eGo-like” manufacturing. The battery has outward facing 510 threading. As this is one of the most standard threading sizes on the market you are open to switching out tanks down the road if you prefer. The compact battery will definitely come in handy with other tanks for use when you are out and about.

Overall the South Beach Smoke Air is a good device for intermediary and casual vapers. The performance and battery life are both more than ample. The Air delivers smooth, consistent doses of vapor and is easy to travel with. The best part is the price. Starter Kits are at $29.99 right now. That’s about as inexpensive as a PV gets, and you still get South Beach Smoke quality. Not a bad purchase at all if you are in need of an everyday device that you can enjoy both at home and on the go. You can get your hands on one in no time by visiting South Beach Smoke online.

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Do You Really Need an RBA; Kanger Protank and Aerotank Reviewed

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Friday 9 May 2014 12:48 pm

When it comes to delivering a satisfying vape experience, there are two main mechanical considerations. Certainly your battery plays a large role in the overall experience. Many people swear by mechanical mods, while others claim that variable voltage or wattage mods deliver the best experience. More power and higher amperage translates into the ability to produce larger clouds of vapor. The second consideration is your tank. The mods and clearomizers I first purchased when I began vaping are things I’ve long ago thrown away or handed down to new vapers, with one notable exception: the Kanger Protank.

Do You Really Need an RBA; Kanger Protank and Aerotank Reviewed

Kanger’s Protank

When Kanger first introduced its bottom-coil Protank several years ago, it completely changed the vaping experience for a good many vapers. Gone were the dreaded “dry hits” and neon plastic tanks, replaced now with the stainless steel and Pyrex Protank that didn’t suffer from the cracking and leaks that previous tanks were prone to developing.  Though the Protank 1 didn’t use a drip tip, vapers like myself found ourselves abandoning our carefully curated drip tip collection. The Protank really was just that good.

Kanger also distinguishes itself by constantly innovating their Protank design. The original Protank was replaced last year by the Protank 2. It featured a reinforced base, replaceable Pyrex tank, and customizable drip tip. The latest version of the Protank is the Kanger Aerotank, which has added an airflow control ring and the ability to accommodate dual coil heads. Kanger will soon release the Aerotank-Mega to this already stellar lineup, which provides all the improvements of the Aerotank as well as a massive 3.8ml capacity.

Do You Really Need an RBA; Kanger Protank and Aerotank Reviewed

Kanger’s Aerotank

In a vaping culture that has come to be dominated by rebuildable atomizers, it’s all too easy to dismiss tanks that use replaceable coil heads. However, this is due in large part to the fact that vapers favor rebuildable atomizers on the perception that pre-built coil heads deliver an inferior experience. While this may be true of some pre-built coil heads, Kanger coil heads consistently deliver an amazing vaping experience.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that many Kanger coil-heads are compatible with multiple Kanger models. In addition, Protank heads come in resistances from 1.7-2.6ohms, which allows for a level of customization that vapers simply can’t achieve with most pre-built heads.

The 510 threading that Kanger tanks feature means that they are easily compatible with many mods. Even vapers who prefer to use the eGo style batteries can utilize certain Protanks. Kanger makes “mini” versions of the Protank 2 and Aerotank that feature eGo threading. This is especially attractive for beginning vapers who don’t want to spend the money on a large mod, but don’t want to sacrifice vaping quality. It’s amazing how much using a quality mini-tank on an eGo style battery can improve the experience. The difference is so dramatic that I’ve seen users that regularly prefer big battery mods carry an eGo battery with a Aerotank-mini on it for when they are on the go.

Simply put, if you want consistent quality, superior construction, affordable price, and convenience, then the Protank is for you. For several years now, Kanger has been proving that you don’t need to buy complicated tanks and mods to get a top quality vaping experience. While Kanger does have a website, they aren’t currently selling their products there. Not to worry, they wholesale and you can pick up a Kanger Protank from a huge variety of vendors both online and at brick and mortar shops near you.

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Personal Vaporizer Review; iGreenVape’s Dragon

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Wednesday 19 March 2014 11:35 am

As vaping continues to grow we are seeing more and more manufacturers release personal vaporizers, in addition to disposables and cig-a-likes. This seems to be the natural progression, as many experienced vapers prefer PVs. We got ahold of iGreenVape’s Dragon Premium Vaporizer for our latest review.

The Hardware

Personal Vaporizer Review; iGreenVapes DragonThe Dragon is a straight forward vaporizer. You get a 900 mAh manual battery, and a 1.6 ml clearomizer that transfers liquid to a 3 ml bottom-coil atomizer. The battery itself has a black finish; stainless steel, pink and more colorful batteries are also available. iGreenVape quotes 15-20 hours of vaping per charge. Our testing found this claim to be accurate, which really adds to the value of The Dragon. Constantly having to charge, or constantly running out of charge is just plain annoying.

The clearomizer is built onto a metal frame which is another selling point for this device. Avoid buying plastic based tanks or clearomizers, they are generally cheap and will break or wear out quickly. The tank on the clearomizer holds 1.6 ml of juice. Even a heavy vaper can get through several days with a tank this size. The clearomizer is wicked with string. Switching out wicks is easy with this particular clearomizer. At most you may want to grab a pair of tweezers, but even less experienced users will find maintenance to be simple. The atomizer itself really does deliver. A solid vape produces a cloud of vapor. While we do agree with their claims on throat hit, keep in mind that throat hit is as also a factor of how they mix their e liquid. Not to say that hardware doesn’t play a necessary role, but it’s still important to think about when factoring throat hit into the criteria for your next personal vaporizer purchase. The tip provided with The Dragon is plastic. We would prefer a different material here; however plastic tips are pretty standard with PVs, especially devices that are as affordably priced as The Dragon. Overall the design, functionality and sturdiness of The Dragon itself make it a solid choice for anyone in the market for a new electronic cigarette. Some may refer to PVs like The Dragon as being entry level, but we still use PVs like this on a daily basis. The Dragon will enter the rotation and become a mainstay. Its sturdiness alone makes it a good device to use when out and about.

Personal Vaporizer Review; iGreenVapes Dragon

The Liquid

iGreenVape offers over 20 different flavors of e liquid. They go with an 80/20 PG to VG (propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin) mix. The fact that their liquids are heavy on propylene glycol mean that you get a noticeable throat hit, and a thinner juice that is less likely to dry and clog up your atomizer and wicking system. We put their Red Tobacco (you can guess which analog they were going for with this one), Vanilla and Vitamin C flavors to the test. For a traditional tobacco flavored offering iGreenVape’s Red Tobacco is very much worth checking out. Not overbearingly sweet like the offerings from some others, it provided a satisfying vape even when used three days in a row. The vanilla was good, but honestly not that much different than most of the vanilla options out there. Realistically everyone is using vanilla extract and sweeteners, so it isn’t that surprising that we haven’t found a vanilla that really sticks out. The Vitamin C was very interesting. It seemed to be a true mix of several citrus flavors. Very satisfying and a little sweet, we were glad that we got to try this one. Aside from what we tried iGreenVape has at least three other flavors geared towards those who want something in a traditional tobacco flavor. They also have two offerings that will satisfy vapers who want menthol. On top of that they have some creative flavorings like Ginseng (no word yet on whether you are supposed to get a mental boost from vaping it). They do recommend sticking to their juice when using The Dragon, but part of that is just marketing. We used another label in The Dragon and had no issues.

Overall The Dragon is a great personal vaporizer. Right now starter kits sit at $50, and come with a bottle of juice and everything that you need to vape. That’s a pretty good deal these days. You can find cheaper kits online but most of those are on the extremely low end of the vapor totem pole. The quality of the device makes $50 fair in our minds. It’s certainly less than some of the competition who have similar PVs for sale. Our test leads us to believe that The Dragon will hold up well, it really is a product of sound engineering. This device is easy enough for a beginner to use, yet delivers enough vapor to satisfy an experienced vaper. Experienced vapers who want a beefier device will have to spend considerably more money, or break into modding and piece together their own e cig. iGreenVape also has cig-a-likes and disposables. We haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet, but will be sure to update you when we do!

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5 Tanks That Will Change Your Life

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Wednesday 12 March 2014 4:11 pm

If the most important part of an e-cigarette is the e-liquid, then an e-cig’s tank doesn’t rank that far behind. It’s not just because the tank is what holds e-liquid, either. Depending on your unit, it’s what determines your tip. For any unit, coupled with your atomizer it’s what determines vapor production and maximizes – or can ruin – your flavor experience and throat hit. (While the flavor and throat hit are normally determined by the e-liquid itself, by the ingredient options and the PG/VG ratio respectively, if you put a high quality e-juice in a poor quality tank, you’re not going to get the full impact of your juice.)

So what tanks should you be considering to top your latest mod? Take a look at our top tanks list, and springboard into a new experience.

5 Tanks That Will Change Your LifeRussian 91%

Distributed by Kebo, the Russian 91% is a clone of they Kayfun Lite, featuring solid 316 stainless steel tank that features a clear plastic window, an adjustable 510 center pin, an Underpressure DIY Atomizer, and (unlike the Kayfun original) air-flow control. All components are compatible to the original Kayfun Lite, of course. The kit comes with a 510 drip tip adapter, a needle bottle, and one wick with heating wire.

 Unlike most “clones,” the Russian has become a force in its own right, with clones of the Russian 91% popping up for sale online. The Russian might be based on the Kayfun, but unlike most clones, it’s not just a copy. The air-flow control and other minor improvements set the Russian apart from other “clones.” It’s become so popular that the price of the Russian is close to the original Kayfun.

 List Price: $99


5 Tanks That Will Change Your LifeKayfun Lite Plus

A clone is good, but sometimes you just want to enjoy the original. By SvoëMesto and machined in Germany, this newer, better Kayfun also features air-flow control with a screw on bottom cap, not to mention a redesigned and removeable drip tip and top cap. Featuring a stainless steel and Makrolon center tube, this 4.5 mL tank features a 510 connector, ProVari Cone, RBA, and drip tip bender.

 Replacement Makrolon will be available in colors in the near future. Vapers should note that this tank is considered a “fit flavor,” which means it isn’t meant for billowy vapor creation.

 List Price: $112

5 Tanks That Will Change Your LifeFogger v3.5

The Fogger is a tank unlike any other. Created by YiLoong, vapers have loved every version of this tank despite the quirks associated with earlier models. The plumes of vapor you’ll get with every draw let this tank live up to its name. Made of pure 316 stainless steel and tiered Pyrex view window with a removable metal tank sleeve, this 6 mL tank features an Air Flow Control ring at the base which controls airflow over four 1 mm side holes, an adjustable 510 center pin, and a 510 drip tip. It also comes pre-coiled with either silica or mesh.

 Vapers should be aware that previous versions of this tank were prone to cracking. This tank uses an RBA, and 0.5ohm to 3ohm coil builds are recommended.

 5 Tanks That Will Change Your LifeList Price: $50

TI Steam Turbine

The Steam Turbine is another singular tank, and since it’s crafted by Doc Dave (making this tank U.S.-made by one of the legends of vapor), it’s no wonder. You can pick one up in either stainless steel or titanium, with intricate and sophisticated designs that protect a Pyrex center. This 3 mL tank features three wick holes, two pairs of air holes, a Genesis atomizer, and a reduced atomizing chamber for the single best flavor a tank can offer. It also offers the flexibility of operating with a single, dual, or U-wick.

 This tank is a hefty 21 mm in diameter. Vapers should note that this tank does not come preassembled.

 List Price: $190

Aspire Nautilus – Adjustable Airflow Tank

5 Tanks That Will Change Your LifeJust because a tank has great airflow and a high e-liquid capacity doesn’t mean a tank has to be RBA, complicated, and expensive. The Nautilus is well liked and dependable, thanks in no small part to the lower ring that offers four air hole sizes with just a twist: .9mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm. That means you can control the airflow, vapor temperature, and maximize or minimize vapor as desired. This 5 mL tank features stainless steel and Pyrex, a bottom dual coil, and an eGo threaded cone. The unit comes with a replacement atomizer, as well, so if you can’t put the Nautilus down, you don’t have to run to your brick-and-mortar right off the bat.

This tank is made of glass, and while Pyrex is a little more sturdy than most glass, it can shatter. Vapers should be aware that the Nautilus can only accept Aspire Nautilus coils. Cleaning and refilling are also very particular, so vapers new to the Nautilus should read the manual.

List Price: $36

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Vaperzone Banks on Personal Vaporizers Over Cig-a-Likes

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Monday 10 February 2014 2:39 pm

When comparing what are commonly called cig-a-like e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers you will find a significant number of differences. It’s basically like using two different types of vehicles to get to the same location. They both use batteries to vaporize e-liquid, allowing the user to have an experience similar to smoking, only without tobacco. Aside from these basic connections, the two types of devices are quite different.

Vaperzone Banks on Personal Vaporizers Over Cig a LikesE-cigs look and feel similar to traditional cigarettes, but they have considerably less battery power, and can only do so much. While two piece e-cigarettes may be the standard that most people associate with e-smoking right now, vaporizers have become massively popular among new and more mainstream vapers recently and they are changing the way people vape. Vaporizers generally do not look like typical e-cigarettes. In fact they often resemble electronic wands or oversized pens more than a tobacco cigarettes They also present a much greater amount of power, allowing for more vapor with each and every drag. These batteries work with different tanks, cartomizers and clearomizers, as well as various other types of accessories such as atomizer heads, collars, and drip tips. It’s all about the experience with these devices. Users get to tailor them to their preferences; which is one of the most important reasons e-smokers, and even regular cigarette smokers are switching to them.

Basic 2-piece e-cigs, such as GreenSmoke or V2, are straight forward devices that do not offer many frills or options. Batteries are not much different from one device to the next, and there tend to be fewer flavor options. The throat hit that the smaller 2-piece e cigs deliver is almost never on par with what one can get out of a personal vaporizer. Yes, they have the familiar cigarette look and feel, but the overall experience is not quite the same. For those who want a more intense performance, more flavor options, and the ability to get their e cig to do more for them, the answer has become personal vaporizers.

Vaperzone Banks on Personal Vaporizers Over Cig a Likes One company that has embraced the personal vaporizer over the 2-piece e cig is VaporZone. They have been getting a lot of attention for their PVs lately. Currently they offer a line of five different personal vaporizers. Their selection gives you everything from an entry level option up to their Rebel, which allows you to switch out tanks and even choose between different batteries so that you get the exact vaping experience that you are after. Of course, they do still offer a line of 2-piece electronic cigarettes to round out their offerings

In addition to devices VaporZone makes incredibly potent e-liquids right here in the United States.  To date they have developed more than 50 flavors. If you are in the mood for something a little different you can mix and blend their flavor offerings at will, and they will send you your own personalized e liquid cocktail. One thing that is defineitley worth noting about VaporZone is that they are looking ahead and have already registered their lab and recipes with the FDA. In a time when some are skeptical about the ingredients in electronic cigarettes, VaporZone is making the statement that they have nothing to hide. To learn more about the difference between devices that use cartomizers verse tanks take a moment to read this article.

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The Coolest Mods Money Can Buy

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Monday 3 February 2014 2:42 pm

If you’ve been vaping for any considerable length of time, there’s probably been a time when you went a little bit mod crazy. A point when you had to have the absolute best mod, the mod that had all the bells and whistles, or maybe the newest, the most obscure, or just plain cool mod. Here are some of our picks for the coolest mods on the market, suitable for every price range.

The Coolest Mods Money Can BuySigelei ZMAX V5

If you need an accessible, low price, reliable VV/VW Mod, then look no further. With a telescoping barrel body made from stainless steel, this surprisingly durable mod will make it through even the most active day without a hitch. Its telescoping design allows for multiple battery options, ranging from 18350 to 18650, so you can pick the size you’re most comfortable with. While it only has one button for operation, the Sigelei ZMAX utilizes an intuitive multi-click menu system which allows you to change any setting as you see fit. Plus, the V5 comes with an adapter that enables you to charge other devices with it, acting as a handy emergency charger. In a crowded VV/VW field, the Sigelei ZMAX continually rises to the top.

Price: $50-$80



The Coolest Mods Money Can Buy

The Poldiac

When mechanical mods started gaining popularity, many made the switch to “bottom-fire” buttons. Then the Poldiac hit the scene and brought a modern twist on the older method. While its simple polished tube exterior design may be minimalist, it’s the button that wows. The DID Stealth Side Button is an activator that utilizes magnets for a smooth, minimal resistance action. A pair of flat neodymium magnets repel the button off the contact until pressed, a process that won’t wear out like a spring will. Add its Rhodium/Silver plated brass battery contacts, and the Poldiac becomes a solid heavy-hitting mod that delivers style and massive clouds of vapor.

Price: ~$200


The Coolest Mods Money Can BuyThe Hammer by Kato

Why bother with a large mod when you can have the power of Mjolnir in your pocket? This diminutive mod is deceptively powerful, given that it can only hold an 18350 battery. With all brass contacts, the Hammer hits just as hard as larger mods, yet rests comfortably in the palm of your hand. In a field crowded with tube mods, The Hammer sets itself apart with its unique look and innovative styling. With the right atomizer and drip tip combo, The Hammer is sure to turn heads.

Price: $240

The Coolest Mods Money Can BuyRomuluz Spark by Team Hotwire

With the iHybrid, hybrid style mods became quite chic. Because of Team Hotwire, hybrids just got intense. The Romuluz Spark is a veritable Swiss Army Knife thanks to its modular nature. It can accept any battery in the 18000 size spectrum and sports silver contact points for great conductance. But the best feature has to be the tank. Not only does the tank assembly completely detach, exposing a standard 510 connection, but the juice chamber can be switched out on the fly, and without needing to rebuild the coil. So, rather than keeping a bottle of juice on hand to refill, you can keep a sealed tank in your pocket, ready on the go. This is the mod that other hybrids dream of becoming when they grow up.

Price: ~$220


The Coolest Mods Money Can BuyiTaste VTR

Box mods have clung to the industry for a long time, thanks to a small, but loyal following. They hearken back to early modders who took apart the first waves of e-cigs and made them better, usually rehousing the guts in a box of some kind. iTaste stepped up to the plate and innovated on the basics. The body of the mod has a pleasing texture that doesn’t sacrifice the aesthetics of the exterior to give it an easy grip. Rather than relying on tiny buttons to make voltage or wattage adjustments, the VTR provides a satisfyingly robust wheel to spin, giving it a properly mechanical vibe. ITaste didn’t ruin its aesthetic with an out-of-place tank either. The VTR has a low-slung offset 510 connection on the side of the mod, with two rings that protect the provided iClear 30S tank. This also lends a curve to one side of the box, making for comfortable finger placement when holding it.

Price: $120


The Coolest Mods Money Can BuyLo Tech Mods

Description: When you absolutely, positively have to be the classiest person in the joint, accept no substitutions. What you see here is only one incarnation of the pipe mod, as all of Lo Tech Mods creations are one of a kind, handcrafted works of art. These mods generally take an 18350 battery, sport wooden construction with etched brass plating, and 510 connections at the end of elegant brass stems. If you’re still curious, the pictures truly speak for themselves.

Price: $120-$140

There are tons of mods on the market, and new ones are arriving practically every day. With a keen eye and an idea of what you’re looking for, you can find a cool mod to call your own.

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Digging In To Variable Voltage; The Apollo VTube Verse the eGo Mega Twist

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Friday 24 January 2014 12:00 pm

One of the first upgrades e-cig users look into are variable voltage (VV) batteries. Having an e-cig with VV lets the user control the voltage and overall vapor output, allowing them to fine-tune an important part of their e-cig experience. Finding the sweet-spot means having the perfect vape every time.

In the last year, the number of options for variable voltage devices has grown exponentially, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the options. However, most VV e cigs can be divided into two groups: devices with removable batteries, and devices with a “fixed” battery. Both of these options have their advantages and drawbacks, so let’s take a look at a great example of each type to help you choose which is right for you.

Digging In To Variable Voltage; The Apollo VTube Verse the eGo Mega Twist

The Apollo VTube

The Apollo VTube V3.0 is a prime example and a great option for the removable battery category. Featuring stainless steel construction and a digital display, the VTube offers adjustable voltage from 3 to 6 volts, as well as adjustable wattage from 1 to 20 watts. The advantage of also having variable wattage becomes apparent when using tanks or cartomizers with different resistances, the Apollo VTube does all of the work for you and adjusts the voltage accordingly for consistent power output. The three button design is easy to use, and has a safety lock to prevent accidental activation.

The Apollo VTube uses replaceable, rechargeable 18650 batteries. 18650 batteries are the workhorse of the VV world, and should last a heavy vaper about two days between charges at minimum. This is advantageous because it allows the user to have one battery in the device and another in the charger, meaning you need never be inconvenienced by a dead battery when you’re in the mood to vape. The Apollo VTube also lets the user check the current charge on their battery and the resistance of its atomizer with a single button click.

Another good feature of the Apollo VTube is that it features both 510 and eGo threading. Since many starter e-cigs use eGo threading, this means you can use the same cartomizers on the new device without needing to worry about buying an adapter. The Apollo runs $119.95 on the Apollo e-cigs site, and comes with the VTube, a Panasonic high capacity 2200mAh 18650 battery, a charger, a ProTank 2 Mini, and a leather carrying case.

However, removable battery mods aren’t right for everyone. For a user upgrading from a “starter” e-cig unit ( a cig-a-like), a device like the Apollo is a serious jump in overall size. The Apollo VTube’s diameter is roughly the same as a quarter, and it’s about 5 inches tall. Its stainless steel construction adds a heft and solid feel that many users like, but weight that some might not want.

Digging In To Variable Voltage; The Apollo VTube Verse the eGo Mega Twist

eGo Mega Twist

E-cig users who want the advantages of VV without upgrading to a large removable-battery mod should seriously consider the eGo-C Mega Twist unit. About half as thick and an inch shorter than the Apollo VTube, the Mega Twist still packs a punch, with its 1000mAh battery. This means that the Mega Twist should still give the average user at least a day of vaping before it needs to be charged. For users who already own eGo units, the twist can be charged with the same charger, and features the same “five-click” power mechanism for turning the device on and off.

The Mega Twist is compatible with the eGo cone system, and features both 510 and eGo threading. It also uses an innovative “spinner” (located at the bottom of the unit) that allows the user to adjust the voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 volts by simply turning the spinner to your preferred voltage.

Besides its slim form-factor, the Mega Twist’s other big advantage is price. For users needing just the battery, the Mega Twist tends to run about $25-35, and can be found in multiple colors and finishes, including chrome and stainless steel. Users needing a complete starter kit should expect to spend around $45-$65 for the Mega Twist. Most starter kits come with a charger, spare battery, 1-2 cartomizers or tanks and a carrying case.

As you can see, the main differences between the Apollo and Mega Twist are size, interface, and price. With the Apollo, you get more functionality and longer battery life, albeit at a premium price. With the Mega Twist you get a slim form factor, simple interface, and cheaper price, but sacrifice some control and battery life. Both are great options for upgrading to a variable voltage unit.

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Tornado Ego-C Mega Twist Kit From Totally Wicked

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Wednesday 30 October 2013 5:13 pm

Tornado Ego C Mega Twist Kit From Totally Wicked Totally Wicked provides a suite of electronic cigarettes, e liquids and all of the accessories that you need both on their website and at their stores. A good portion of their stores are in our back yard so we decided to pay them a visit and get the scoop on their products. Upon speaking with one of their sales associates we were directed to the Tornado Ego-C Mega Twist Starter Kit. We were told that this is their bestselling model (at the store that we were at), and that we should give it a try. The device looked sturdy, most of the sales associates were using the battery that came in the kit as their personal, and the price was reasonable, so we picked one up for a review.

What We Loved

The variable voltage battery lets you choose how much vapor you get, and it really works!

Smooth consistent vapor output.

The price. At $50 this e cig is very affordable, and provides value for your hard earned money.

What We Didn’t Like

The 3 piece atomizer should have a better tank, if not be turned into a single piece design altogether.

Tornado Ego C Mega Twist Kit From Totally Wicked

Full Totally Wicked eGo-C Mega Twist Review

While all of the branding on the device reps Totally Wicked, the hardware itself is made by Joyetech. Totally Wicked chose Joyetech’s eGo-C Mega VV Twist battery, combined it with the basic eGo-C atomizer, and put it out as their device. As you can see from the name they do not keep the fact that they source hardware from Joyetech a secret.

Tornado Ego C Mega Twist Kit From Totally Wicked The battery itself is our favorite part of the device. You can change the vapor output by adjusting the voltage at the base of the battery. You get your choice of anywhere between 3.2 and 4.8 volts. Our battery is their 1000 mAh version, they make a 650 but we recommend the larger option. The dial is easy to use, however the print is very small so be sure to choose your voltage when you have time to pay attention, as opposed to doing it behind the wheel or in the dark. You really do notice a difference in output as you adjust the voltage, so this factor isn’t just a gimmick. We mostly vaped at 4.0 volts. Pumping the device up to 4.8 volts delivered more vapor but proved to be a bit harsh, while vaping at under 4.0 volts didn’t give us the throat hit that we like. The battery lasted for two days between charges and delivered consistently. We see why Totally Wicked looked to eGo for this device, as the battery itself is awesome. We will likely reuse it with other atomizers in the future.

The atomizer is comprised of three pieces: the atomizer body, atomizer head unit and atomizer tank. The body is built out of metal and should last forever with proper care. The atomizer head units will need to be changed out every month or two depending upon how much you use the device. Right now you can pick up a five pack of replacements online for $22.79. Not a bad deal but you do need to know up front that this kit will require more than just replacement liquid in the future. Even though the atomizer heads run out, they worked just fine for the two weeks that we vaped for the review. Where we did have an issue was the atomizer tanks that come with the kit (you get 3). They are made of plastic and don’t match the steel aesthetic of the device. Also, if you need to replace the head unit while there is still liquid in the tank things can get a little messy. As this will feasibly happen, we do have to take some points away from this starter kit due to their choice of atomizer. The tanks work just fine but we’d like to see a the quality of the atomizer match the quality of the battery. All in all we prefer one-piece atomizers, as they are generally cheaper to replace and require virtually no maintenance. Replacing all three pieces of this atomizer will put you back at least $25, and that’s if you catch sales. You’d still end up with the less than desirable tank, so if you do get the kit we recommend purchasing a completely different atomizer when it comes time. You will have the option of finding different atomizers from either Totally Wicked or Joyetech, so you have plenty of choices.

The Verdict

We give the Totally Wiced eGo-C Mega Twist Starter Kit 4 out of five stars. It’s a great intro piece for new vapers as it’s well built and the cost is very reasonable. Outside of our issues with the atomizer we loved the device. If you already have a tank that fits the battery we would definitely recommend purchasing the battery alone. If not, check out the starter kit on Totally Wicked’s site. You get: 1 variable voltage battery, 1 atomizer body, 2 replacement atomizer heads, 3 tanks, a USB charger, and 10 ml of e liquid in either tobacco or menthol.

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