The Benefits of E-Liquid Vaporizers

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The science has been out for decades and, by now, everyone is aware that smoking cigarettes is harmful in more ways than one. It’s prompted a lot of people to quit and legion more to attempt to quit with no success. After all, the body craves the nicotine found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, and it also craves the very act of smoking in general. It’s hard to drop those habits even if you have the best of intentions.

That’s where e-cigarettes (or vaporizers) come in. They approximate the physical sensation of smoking a cigarette, and many of them even include some of that addictive nicotine. But is using a vaporizer to smoke liquid tobacco really any better than the alternatives?

v2 Pro Series 7

Better for You

Although the research on the health effects of vaporizing liquid tobacco is either inconclusive or nonexistent, most scientists and (people who understand anything about vaping) will generally admit that vaporizing is better for you than smoking traditional cigarettes. In fact, several studies have noted that there are between 9 and 450 times more toxicants in standard tobacco cigarettes than there are in liquid vaporizers. Standard cigarettes contain almost 70 carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) that are immediately transferred to your lungs upon inhalation. It’s the reason why many chronic smokers end up with lung cancer.

By contrast, the chemicals in e-liquids are often known quantities. Most companies use either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin is a naturally-occurring substance found in vegetables. Propylene glycol is often cited as the chemical that could cause damage to vaping enthusiasts. In reality, it is the active ingredient in Albuterol—a type of asthma inhaler—and is safe to be inhaled after vaporization. Again, the research on vaping and e-liquids is incomplete at best. But, there is a general consensus that, at least for now, vaping is considerably better for you and your lungs than smoking standard cigarettes.

They Can Help You Quit Smoking

One of the clearest benefits of using a vaporizer is its ability to help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Everyone is trying to quit smoking and there are numerous options to do so. But, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Vaping is a fantastic bridge between traditional cigarettes and a non-smoking lifestyle. One international study showed that 92% of e-cig users felt that vaping had drastically decreased their cravings for traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The reason that vaporizers work when other solutions don’t is because you don’t suddenly lose the habit of smoking. Wearing a patch or chewing gum can never approximate the sensation of taking a drag off a cigarette. It’s just not possible. With vaporizers, you can experience all the benefits of smoking without the overtly carcinogenic side effects.

Many e-liquids also contain concentrations of nicotine. People who want to quit smoking can take up vaping and still get their daily kick of nicotine. Over time, you can decrease the amount of nicotine in your e-liquids. Indeed, the highest-selling e-liquids for most companies contain little to no nicotine. After a certain amount of time, you could theoretically have weaned yourself off of nicotine entirely.

Spend Less with Vaporizers

The initial price of a vaporizer, the replacement cartomizers, the e-liquids, and batteries may seem expensive at first. In general, however, using a vaporizer to smoke liquid tobacco is far and again cheaper than traditional cigarettes. The American Lung Association estimates that the average price for a pack of cigarettes in the United States is $5.51. This, of course, doesn’t take into account states and other municipalities that have placed enormous taxes on cigarettes. It’s not uncommon for a “cheap” pack of cigarettes to cost about $10.

You can find decent vaporizers for $30 or $40 (this includes batteries, cartomizers, and chargers). The price of a 30 mL e-liquid bottle is generally around $10 to $15. Even if you go through that bottle in a week’s time, you will have only spent around $50. Over the course of a month, you may spend a total of $100 on e-liquid bottles, but you would have spent 3 times that amount on cigarettes alone. It’s certainly clear that a vaporizer is the cheaper and healthier option.

They Are Convenient

In general, people are more accepting of vaporizers than they are of tobacco cigarettes. There’s one major reason for this: secondhand smoke. If you’re in a public place and you get a craving for a smoke, then good luck doing so within 15 feet of most public entryways. Cigarettes are largely banned in public places and, in the places they aren’t banned, you are bound to get some dirty looks.

Vaporizers, on the other hand, are actually gaining in popularity in public places. Many bars and restaurants allow their patrons to vape appropriately inside their establishments. Of course, make sure you ask before you just start vaping. Even when you’re outdoors in public, people are generally going to be more receptive of e-liquid vapor than they are of cigarette smoke. The smell is almost nonexistent once it’s dispersed in the air, and, if people do catch a whiff, it’s usually a nice flavor.

Vaporizers are also usually small. Many people make use of “vape pens” which can conveniently fit in a pocket, purse, and the palm of your hand. There’s virtually no limit to where you can take these bad boys either.

They Taste Better

While this isn’t a universal truth, many former smokers believe that e-liquid vapor actually tastes better. E-liquids also come in a wide variety of unique flavors. So, if you don’t like one flavor, there’s at least a hundred more that you can try. Flavors range from standard tobacco and menthol to more inventive designs like Pina Colada and Bubble Gum.

Clearly, there’s a lot to like about using e-liquid vaporizers. In fact, some people simply like to vape even if they haven’t smoked in the past. In any event, it’s clear that vaporizers are quickly becoming the wave of the future. They are also generally healthier, less habit-forming, and more convenient than their tobacco-infused counterparts.

v2 Pro Series 7

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SmokeTip Review

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SmokeTip is an e-cig brand that markets its products as “the most advanced electronic cigarettes.” Whether this is 100% true remains to be seen, but it is clear that SmokeTip is rapidly becoming a giant in the industry. With its unique hardware, large selection of liquids, and bevy of accessories, SmokeTip is truly making a run at being one of the foremost e-cigarette companies on the planet. That being said, SmokeTip is far from perfect and it certainly has its detractors. We’ll let you know how they stack up to the competition in this SmokeTip review.

Smoketip eCig

SmokeTip E-Cig Options

When it comes to consumer choice, SmokeTip doesn’t disappoint. They offer four different varieties of e-cigarettes and other hardware. These include the following:

  • Original SmokeTip
  • SmokeTank
  • Disposable e-cigarettes
  • Disposable e-cigars

As you might have guessed, the original SmokeTip is the company’s flagship product. It is designed to look almost identical to a standard cigarette except that it has a digitized light on the tip instead of an actual flame. It’s the kind of product that you can use just about anywhere because if it’s compact size and overall ease-of-use. The basic SmokeTip kit costs a relatively affordable $59 and comes with numerous different accessories, including:

  • 5 flavor cartridges
  • 2 lithium batteries
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 wall adapter

This is a pretty basic package, but it gets the job done. If you go to the website, you’ll notice that SmokeTip doesn’t offer a wide selection of different kits. In fact, this is the only kit available for the original SmokeTip e-cigarette. You could think of it as a traditional “starter kit,” but it’s not labeled as such by the manufacturer. If you’re looking for a bigger, more advanced kit to suit your needs, then you won’t really find one. This does help you narrow down your choices, though.

The next option you have at your disposal is the SmokeTank. Unlike the original SmokeTip, the SmokeTank is a full-sized vaporizer with a larger battery and more room for liquid. The durable stainless steel construction is complemented by the glass pyrex tank, dual atomizer, and airflow chambers that are twice the size of most other units. The SmokeTank also comes with a basic kit that includes the following:

  • 12 mL of liquid
  • 2 atomizers
  • 2 lithium batteries
  • A wall adapter and USB charger
  • 1 transition piece

This kit costs $79, which is, again, relatively affordable.

Last but not least, SmokeTip offers two disposable options: the e-cigarette and the e-cigar. You might wonder why you’d invest in disposable e-cigarettes especially when you’re trying to quit disposable real cigarettes. For starters, a SmokeTip disposable electronic cigarette will cost you $9.95 (or 5 for $39.90). There’s no set-up involved, so you can just start smoking right away. You also get about 500 puffs per disposable e-cig, which is the equivalent of about 2 and a half packs of regular cigarettes. Disposable e-cigs come in three flavors (Regular, Menthol, and Cowboy) and two nicotine concentrations (16mg and 6mg).

The SmokeTip disposable electronic cigar offers similar benefits for cigar lovers. One e-cigar will cost you $19.95 and provide about 1,000 puffs. This one e-cigar will provide the same amount of puffs as at least 12 standard cigars. The e-cigars come in two different flavors, Havana and Cuban (both of which contain 18mg of nicotine). When you stop being able to draw vapor from the disposable e-cigarette or e-cigar, then you can just toss them in the trash.

Cartridge and Liquid Selection

An e-cigarette company is nothing without its selection of cartridges and liquids. The goal, of course, should be to provide you with a wide array of options to improve your vaping experience. The original SmokeTip device offers 22 different flavor cartridges to choose from. These include:

  • Menthol
  • Mild Menthol
  • Cowboy
  • Sahara
  • Regular
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Banana
  • Almond
  • Blueberry
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Grape
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Peppermint
  • Pineapple
  • Coffee

That’s quite a long list for a relatively small device. Again, you can choose up to 5 of these if you purchase a SmokeTip Kit. SmokeTip also offers an assortment of combined cartridges which means you will be able to taste a little fruit with your coffee-flavored liquid. You can also apply different nicotine concentrations to each of these flavors. Cartridges can contain 16mg, 12mg, 6mg, or no nicotine at all. This is a great way to safely inhale nicotine without all the harmful side effects of standard smoking. The “no nicotine” option is also great for those who have no interest in adding an addictive substance to their diets.

The SmokeTank comes with a selection of liquids that you can use to fill the liquid tank. The selection isn’t quite as large for the SmokeTank, however. You can get Full Tobacco, Menthol, Cowboy, Fruit Mix, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, or Strawberry liquid flavors. The SmokeTank also goes one step further with up to 24mg of nicotine in these liquids.

So, we know the selection is nice, but how is the price? One ten-pack of cartridges will cost you $19.95 while 5 ten-packs purchased at the same time will cost $15.95 each (or about $80 all together). A single 12-mL bottle of liquid will run you $9.95 while purchasing 15 will cost $8.45 per bottle (or about $127). SmokeTip also provides other incentives to make big purchases. Indeed, if you buy 10 ten-packs of cartridges, then you will get a free SmokeTip kit with your purchase. Buying only 3 ten-packs will still get you a free battery.

A purchase of 15 bottles of liquid will net you a free battery, 5 atomizers, a wall charger, and USB adapter. In some ways, it may be better to simply purchase cartridges or liquids in bulk because you get everything you need alongside a wealth of liquids and cartridges. Cartridges and liquids offered by SmokeTip are all generally affordable as well.

Batteries and Accessories

SmokeTip comes with a wide variety of accessories to choose from. The most important set of accessories, of course, is the batteries. Both the SmokeTip and SmokeTank devices offer batteries in a set of four different colors (white, black, chrome, or pink). Both devices use lithium batteries, but the SmokeTank battery is much larger (650mAh versus 180mAh). Interestingly, replacement batteries cost about the same for both devices. SmokeTip batteries are $18.95 apiece while SmokeTank’s are just a dollar more at $19.95. They also offer a 350mAh battery for the SmokeTip device for even longer charges.

One of the main problems that SmokeTip users tend to run into is the general lack of reliable battery life. Some batteries end up holding a charge better than others. That being said, SmokeTip batteries come with a lifetime warranty. According to SmokeTip, this means that if your battery stops working, then you get a free one no matter what. In general, we found that the batteries offered by SmokeTip performed admirably during trials. They certainly last long enough for at least a full day’s use before you have to plug them in again.

Speaking of charging, there are a couple of different methods you can use. SmokeTip provides a USB charger, a wall adapter, and car charger, which means that you can charge your SmokeTip battery just about anywhere. If you find yourself constantly on the go, you can also invest in a SmokeTip or SmokeTank Carry Case. Both of these cases can fit discreetly in a pocket, purse, or even just the glove compartment in your car. They can also hold everything you need to start using your device no matter where you are.

SmokeTip Performance

We know that SmokeTip has a lot of advanced technology. We know they have 22 cartridges and numerous liquids to choose from. We also know that their batteries come with a lifetime warranty. But, the real test of an e-cigarette’s quality is its performance when it’s activated and functioning. In this area, SmokeTip doesn’t disappoint.

Cartridges for the SmokeTip device last fairly long (around 250 puffs). This is about the equivalent of 1.25 traditional packs of cigarettes. When you consider that you can purchase a ten-pack of cartridges for under $20, then you’ll certainly realize what a deal you’re getting. That’s $20 for the equivalent of around 12 packs of standard cigarettes.

Each cartridge for the SmokeTip also has an atomizer built-in. This can’t be said for the SmokeTank, but atomizers for that device are fairly cheap ($14.95 for a 5-piece set). For the SmokeTip device, the built-in atomizers are a nice touch and they keep you from having to replace parts or getting a “tin-like” taste after a certain period of time.

SmokeTip is also well-known for the volume of vapor that its products produce. Both the SmokeTip and SmokeTank devices allow you to take up to 7-second drags, which is more than most people really need. But, it also allows you to get a full helping of vapor in your lungs. The airflow chambers are large and you won’t have any difficulties getting a plume of vapor out of your device.

In general, all SmokeTip devices are easy to use and practically self-explanatory when you remove them from the box. You won’t have to fiddle with complicated mechanisms that make the vaping experience more difficult and even uncomfortable. It’s almost as easy as smoking an actual cigarette.

All that being said, SmokeTip’s claim that they offer the “most advanced electronic cigarette” is largely unsubstantiated. The technology used in SmokeTip’s devices is practically identical to many other brands. In fact, in many areas, SmokeTip is actually behind on the technology. Does that mean that the brand is less viable than others? Not necessarily. It is still an eminently functional and useful brand of e-cigarettes even if it isn’t the most technologically advanced.

Customer Service

SmokeTip has their phone number listed prominently on each and every page of their website. This is a nice touch that lets you know that you’re only a phone call away from having your questions answered. As we mentioned earlier, all SmokeTip batteries come with a lifetime warranty. This is nice if a little obligatory. Most purchases on SmokeTip will come with free batteries anyway, so you won’t really have to worry about replacing one.

Orders over $59 will come with free shipping. Most of such orders should arrive within 1 to 3 business days. This is, again, a nice touch. Most products and purchases will generally cost more than $59, so you’re almost guaranteed free shipping on almost every order.


In general, SmokeTip offers exactly what you need to start your e-cig experience. It’s not going to drown you with options and kits, and it’s not going to try to impress you with a ton of technology. In the end, it gives you a nice selection of cartridges and liquids, decent batteries, and devices that don’t skimp on vapor volume. This is all you can really ask for in an e-cigarette brand.Smoketip eCig

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Why You Should Try the Blu Plus+ Xpress Kit

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Thursday 30 April 2015 1:58 pm

When it comes to e-cigarette affordability, you generally can’t beat disposable options. They last a while, don’t cost a lot, and you can toss them when you’re finished. But, Blu, one of the premier e-cig companies, is trying to alter your perception about the affordability of rechargeable packs. Its brand new Blu Plus+ Xpress Kit is exactly the kind of item that can facilitate a switch to permanent e-cigarette use.

Blu Cig Xpress

What is the Blu Plus+ Xpress Kit?

For starters, the Blu Plus+ Xpress Kit is a basic collection of all the important items you need to start vaping with a device that lasts longer than a few hundred puffs. If you were to place it on a scale, it would fit somewhere in between disposable e-cigs and an e-cig starter kit. It comes with all of the following:

  • A Plus+ rechargeable battery
  • A USB charger
  • 2 of Blu’s Classic Tobacco Tanks

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it could be well worth it if you’re tired of the price of disposable e-cigs (or even standard cigarettes). Even so, why should you invest your hard-earned money into a non-disposable, rechargeable Blu e-cig kit?

Preeminent Affordability

For starters, the price of the Blu Plus+ Xpress Kit makes it difficult to pass up. The kit is only $14.99 which is far and again the cheapest option with a rechargeable battery provided by Blu (and most other e-cig manufacturers). It would honestly be difficult to find another rechargeable battery kit that is as inexpensive as the Blu Plus+ Xpress Kit. If you’re looking to make the jump from disposables to rechargeable units or you want to try e-cigs for the first time, this may be the best kit with the least to lose. If you don’t like it, then you’re only out 15 bucks and you can move on with your life without buyer’s remorse.

Long Battery Life

Even though this is a lower-tier kit, it still offers some of Blu’s best battery technology. In the last 2 years or so, the company has come out with larger, longer-lasting batteries that are ideal for almost any user. Blu even mentions that these batteries last twice as long as their standard batteries, which is ideal. It can also show you exactly what you’re missing by sticking with disposables or standard cigarettes.

Of course, this kit only includes a USB charger (no wall adapter), so your list of applicable charging stations will obviously be limited. In most cases, you can easily charge your device from your computer. If you already have a wall adapter with a USB slot, then you can charge the device in just about any electrical outlet. Getting a full charge should only last about 40 minutes from your computer, but, from a wall adapter, it will be even faster.

Big Tanks, Long Vapes

The Blue Plus+ Xpress Kit also comes with two Tanks (cartridges) filled with their Classic Tobacco flavoring. These tanks can last up to 500 or more puffs, meaning that you can go days just using this particular kit. These cartridges are also not annoyingly long. The total length of the device with the battery and the cartridge is only about 100mm, which is the around the length of a standard cigarette. Each cartridge has a nicotine concentration of about 2.4%, which just the right amount to keep you satiated if you’re trying to wean yourself off standard cigarettes.

Easily Accessible

Another benefit of the Blu Plus+ Xpress Kit is the fact that you can find it just about anywhere. Blu products are available in a number of major retailers like drug stores, big box stores, supermarkets, and gas stations. There is no question that you’ll be able to find the Xpress Kit somewhere. You can also, of course, find the kit online. In any event, you’re going to get an inexpensive and technologically advanced e-cig product to use.

If you enjoy the experience you have with the Blu Plus+ Xpress Kit, you can use your device indefinitely. Just order more cartridges and you can continue vaping for as long as your heart desires. And, again, if you are not satisfied with the product, then you can rest assured that you will not have broken the bank. If you decide to stick with it, you can enjoy any of the Blu’s cartridge flavors including the new Peach Schnapps and Pina Colada liquids.

Blu Cig Xpress

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V2 Pro Series 7 Review

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Monday 6 April 2015 9:04 am

E-cigarettes have certainly come a long way in only a few short years. One of the newest and most advanced designs is the v2 Pro Series 7. Developed by vaunted E-cig manufacturer v2, the kit comes with everything you might need for a quality vaping experience. But, is it worth trying out or should you head in another direction? We’ll let you know below.

v2 Pro Series 7

V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer

v2 Pro Series 7 Overview

The Pro Series 7 is the top-of-the-line when it comes to E-cigarettes. Inside the kit, you’ll find the vaporizer, couple of cartridges, a wall adapter, a USB charger, and a pick and brush. The Pro Series 7 vaporizer is exceedingly lightweight at only around 4 ounces with an empty cartridge. If you like to carry your vaporizer around with you everywhere, then this is certainly a plus. It’s also only about 5 inches in length and 1.3 inches in diameter so it can fit comfortably in just about any pocket and provide a long-lasting vaping experience. The vaporizer comes in three different colors—black, blue, and steel (a type of gray).

The Series Pro 7 is unique in that it offers three different types of vaporizing material. Loose leaf, e-liquid, and wax can all be vaporized on the Series Pro 7 with specialized cartridges. This is great for anyone who likes to change of their vaping experience from time to time. On top of that, the cartridges are supremely easy to load. You can take them and snap them into place smoothly without any difficulties at all. The magnetic closures ensure that the cartridge is snug and you can enjoy your experience thoroughly.

The Series Pro 7 also comes with a catalog of customization options. You can change the temperature and voltage with the press of a button. An external activation button on the side of the vaporizer contains three LED lights that indicate temperature levels. This lets you choose between three temperatures: 200°C, 215°C, and 225°C. You can also rely on the smart technology embedded within the vaporizer to choose the right temperature for you.

An LED perimeter also glows different colors to let you know when you’ve reached the optimal temperature for vaping. It will start off at red, progress to yellow, and finally turn green when the temperature is just right.

Additionally, the vaporizer comes with a lock option to keep you from accidentally turning it on when it’s in your pocket. The battery life is incredible and the unit itself is easy to clean. It’s safe to say that the Series Pro 7 would be an upgrade over most E-cigarette models on the market.

v2 Pro Series 7 Cartridges

The base kit for the Pro Series 7 comes with a loose leaf cartridge and an e-liquid cartridge. With Series 7 loose leaf cartridges, you can experience a top-of-the-line, smooth smoke. It also gives you the freedom to choose which dry leaf additive you want to toss in the vaporizer. With its variable temperature controls, you can warm up your loose leaf cartridge to the temperature you see fit. The Series 7 also offers one of the fastest warm-up times, allowing you to experience a rich, smooth vapor in under 30 seconds. Once the vaporizer reaches optimal temperature levels, the LED perimeter will turn green and you can smoke freely. The device will automatically shut off after 2 minutes.

The e-liquid cartridge comes with 2.5 ml of space, a leak-resistant design, and the potential for1,200 puffs. You can use just about any e-liquid you like and the cartridge can be refilled up to 20 times. Of course, you can also use the Series Pro 7’s built-in voltage controls to achieve the optimum voltage for your vaping experience. Even so, if you like switching back and forth between the loose leaf cartridge and the e-liquid cartridge, you can make use of the vaporizers smart technology to pinpoint the perfect temperatures and voltage levels. The vaporizer will be able to distinguish between cartridges so you won’t have to customize anything if you don’t want to.

The base kit doesn’t come with a wax cartridge, but it can certainly be a nice investment. The Series 7 wax cartridge allows you to vape waxes, gels, or other concentrates to your heart’s content. It also makes use of variable voltage controls that you can change with the press of a button.

All the cartridges are easy to load and you can simply rely on the v2 Pro Series 7 to attain the right temperature or voltage level.

v2 Pro Series 7 Accessories

The base kit for the v2 Pro Series 7 comes with a USB charger, wall adapter, and car adapter. This effectively allows you to charge your vaporizer whenever and wherever you want. You can also charge the device and vape at the same time.

The USB charger is one of the coolest options and it allows you to plug into a computer to continue your vaping experience. The magnetic charge port at the base of the vaporizer locks in the USB cord. Then you can simply plug the USB end into your computer or other device. The LED perimeter will light up red when the device is charging and green when the device is fully charged.

If you can’t find a USB port, then you can simply use the wall adapter. The charge is faster than a standard USB charge and you can plug it into any wall outlet. Simply plug in the USB cord to the wall adapter and connect the other end to the device. The car adapter—a great option for vape fanatics on the go—allows you to use your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet to gain a fully charged device.


All in all, the v2 Pro Series 7 is a terrific device for vape-enthusiasts. It comes in three colors, has variable temperature and voltage controls, and comes with a bevy of useful accessories and cartridges. Whether you like the experience of loose leaf vaping or you enjoy standard e-liquid, the base v2 Pro Series 7 has you covered. You can also charge virtually anywhere with the USB cord, wall adapter, and car adapter.

So, is the v2 Pro Series 7 worth it? Absolutely. The base kit is $150 and offers some of the best accessories you can find. This is absolutely a cost-effective choice for those looking to start vaping or looking to upgrade their vaping experience.

v2 Pro Series 7

V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer

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FUM Evod+ Personal Vaporizer Review

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Sunday 14 December 2014 4:08 pm

FUM is a brand of electronic cigarettes that has been out for a while now. They have worked their way into a good amount of retailers in our area, and most likely yours as well if you live in the United States. We couldn’t ignore these reasonably priced personal vaporizers forever, so we decided to pick one up and give it a try. We chose the FUM Evod+ for our latest review. To be clear, the brand that you are buying is FUM, the actual manufacturer of the hardware is EVOD, so if you are considering an Evod+ from any other manufacturer, this review will give you all of the information that you need.

The Hardware

Fum Evod+ Personal Vaporizer in packagingBilled as a starter kit, this device comes with everything that one needs to start vaping with the exception of e juice. FUM combines a 650 mAh, 3.5 volt battery with a plastic clearomizer that can hold up to 2.4 ml of e juice.  The juice is heated via a cotton wick fed atomizer and delivered to you through a durable plastic mouthpiece. This personal vaporizer does use ego510 threading, so the components will likely be compatible with tanks and batteries from some of your other devices. If you would like to learn more about threading, check out our piece on electronic cigarette threading sizes.

Now back to the device. The 650 mAh battery will deliver 6-8 hours of vaping in between charges. The 3.5 volts refers to how much energy the battery can produce, which ends up dictating how much vapor per puff any given device can deliver. 3.5 volts is not the highest rating for an e cigarette battery, but that much voltage delivers more than enough vapor per puff to satisfy experienced vapers and smokers looking for an alternative alike. During our test this vaporizer performed very well for daily use, consistently delivering ample amounts of vapor. The cotton wick fed atomizer sits in the clearomizer (the juice tank). The cotton absorbs your juice and delivers it to the atomizer (the heating element) to be vaporized. Cotton and silica wick systems are very common, especially for “everyday” devices like the Evod+. They work efficiently and should last at least a month when vaped at the rate of a pack a day smoker. If you are looking for a top of the line atomizer, the Evod+ is honestly not it. It is very good for daily use, but in the greater scheme of vapor copper fed wicking systems deliver the cleanest hits. Having said that, the atomizer setup on this device is delivers tasty vapor and is suitable for daily use. Flavors did not taste muted at all and vapor was delivered evenly and consistently. It is nice that they include measurements on the side of the clearomizer, as that makes it easier to avoid over-filling the tank before you set out to vape. While the mouthpiece is plastic, it is not a cheap or flimsy setup. This vape also comes with a cap that can be screwed on top of the mouthpiece to avoid leakage if you plan on carrying your vape in your pocket or purse.

vist Fum vaping

The Verdict

If you are a smoker looking to try vapor, or a vaper looking for an everyday device the FUM Evod+ is a good buy. We love the price, right now they are going for a mere $25.00, while many similar personal vaporizers are being sold online and in vape shops for $40.00 – $50.00. Replacement atomizers run under $10.00 each, as we mentioned you will be replacing the atomizer in this device every 1–3 months, depending upon how much you use the vaporizer. The FUM Evod+ is easy to take apart and put together when you need to pop in a new atomizer. You will know it’s time when your vape starts to taste a little burnt, all this means is that your atomizer has reached its lifespan and it is time for a new one, there is no problem with your device otherwise. Vapor delivery is more than enough to satisfy cravings and deliver an enjoyable puff. If you need to create enormous clouds of vapor then you should look into a device with a beefier battery and a metal-based wicking system. If you want a solid electronic cigarette for daily use, this one will do the trick. Visit FUM online or find one at a local vape shop to try it out for yourself. If you do buy online use the discount code, fumliquid for 10% off of your total order. This is an ongoing promotion which may end at any time, but should provide you with savings for the foreseeable future.


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SmokeTank Personal Vaporizer Review

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Friday 5 September 2014 12:36 pm

The Verdict SmokeTip has released their first offering in the personal vaporizer category. The SmokeTank is a vaporizer that was built specifically for lovers of huge clouds of vapor. We took one for a spin to see if it lived up to the sales pitch. After logging over a week of dedicated vaping we have our official SmokeTank review to help you decide if this is the electronic cigarette for you.

The Hardware

The SmokeTank employs sturdy metal pieces that screw together tightly and did not leak during our review. Interestingly the SmokeTank is a 3 piece device instead of a 2 piece. The third section is a transition piece that connects the atomizer and tank to the battery. This piece is necessary because the tank and attie have a larger circumference than the battery. This takes away some sleekness as the device is not a uniform width, but it still looks great and is easy to tote around.

It has several features included in the initial design which were put into place specifically to increase the overall production. These additions are what defines the SmokeTank. Specifically speaking they are: the dual core atomizer, the airflow control and oversized tank/clearomizer, and the “Flavor Boost” spring tip.SmokeTank dual core atomizer

*Dual Core Attie- Dual core atomizers utilize 2 pieces of metal to heat e juice instead of just one. Double the heating area means that more juice is heated faster, resulting in a larger amount of vapor with minimal draw. Dual core atties are a go-to for manufacturers and modders who want devices that pack a punch. Their downside is that they burn through both juice and the battery’s charge significantly more quickly.

SmokeTank clearomizer*Airflow Control and Tank/Clearomizer- The increased size of the tank on the SmokeTank allows for more air flow. While more air flow can lead to lighter, more “airy” drags this feature works in tandem with the dual core atomizer to produce more vapor. The large atomizer delivers more vapor, and the increased air flow allows you to draw it in easily. The airflow control lets you choose the amount of air that is let into the tank and atomizer, thus giving you complete control over how the device draws. You can tighten it up for conservative drags or loosen it all the way allowing for lighter pulls.

SmokeTank spring tip*Flavor Boost Spring Tip- The SmokeTank’s tip is spring loaded. Pressing the tip straight down injects a large dose of juice directly into the atomizer, which is instantly vaporized producing a dense draw of vapor that really lets the flavor of your chosen juice shine. If you are into using drip tips then this feature is for you. You can drip without unsealing your tank or loading juice every time that you want to take a drag. The SmokeTank works just fine even if you don’t use this feature. The only downsides are that you will run through juice much more quickly, and that when you wear the spring out you will be buying another tip. Otherwise this is a pretty handy feature for a vaporizer to have.

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The Battery

SmokeTip went for a standard lithium ion battery. It is a 3 inch long metal encased manual battery, meaning that you have to push a button to fire it up when you want to take a drag. With a rating of 650 mAh the battery lasts all day without needing a charge, even for heavy vapers. Some vaporizers out there use batteries with more charging capacity, but 650mAh has become the standard for basic, yet highly effective batteries. There is no official rating on the voltage of the battery (higher voltage helps to deliver larger drags), but during our review the battery put out enough power to deliver more than satisfactory amounts of vapor. The extras discussed above are what really contribute to the SmokeTank’s generous vapor delivery, but the battery plays a part as well. All in all the battery is of good quality and does its job, but is nothing special. We are okay with that considering the additions that SmokeTip put into the rest of the device. 

The Verdict

The SmokeTank is an excellent device. It  is suitable for a first time electronic cigarette or for an upgrade from a more basic personal vaporizer. It delivers clouds of vapor and has some really unique built in functionality that gives you extra control over the entire vaping experience. We really think that SmokeTip is on to something with the SmokeTank. While many other personal vaporizers are sufficient, the SmokeTank stands out for its ability to produce vapor. If clouds and control over the device are your thing then this is the straight-forward, everyday e cigarette for you. If you just want something basic you can save a few bucks and opt for a more basic eGo-style PV. Right now the SmokeTank starter kit is going for around $80, which is about $20 more than a basic device costs. On the up and up SmokeTip does include an extra battery and a 12ml bottle of juice with the kit, along with the standard charger, wall adapter and 1 replacement atomizer. With extra pieces to account for in the transition piece and spring tip, replacement parts will also run you a few extra bucks down the road. All in all that is well worth it to us. If other devices aren’t doing it for you then the SmokeTank may be just what you are looking for. Find out more on

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Mark Ten Electronic Cigarette Review

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Friday 22 August 2014 3:37 pm

The Altria Group has released their introductory electronic cigarette in select markets across the United States. We were able to get a hold of one for our Mark Ten e cigarette review. As they are backed by Big Tobacco it should be pretty easy to find one if you live in any of the test markets. They are readily available at gas stations and supermarkets near us for under $10 for the basic starter kit.

Altria's Mark Ten E Cig packagingAltiria's Mark Ten e cig packagingPros

*Four Draw technology produces an noticeably even drag every time

*Affordable pricing


*Some may be turned off by the small size of the device

*Product of Big Tobacco (only a con for a select set of vapers)

*Not available for sale online

The Hardware

Mark Ten E Cig Next to V2

The Mark Ten next to a standard disposable V2.

This new device is a cig-a-like- style e cigarette; your basic two-piece design with a battery that screws onto replaceable cartomizers. The first thing that you notice when opening the Mark Ten is its size. It’s tiny, even for a cig-a-like. With a cartomizer attached to the battery the device is just a hair longer than 3.25 inches. That’s a good inch shorter than most cig-a-likes on the market. The diameter is also less than your average device. The second thing that we noticed was that although the device is small, it is sturdy. The device is all metal with a smooth to the touch finish and a glowing plastic tip. With the majority of the device being metal, not plastic, it should hold up well to being carried around on a daily basis. Durability was not an issue during our test which lasted 6 days and numerous cartomizer replacements.

Four Draw Technology

Mark Ten’s claim to fame is the “four draw technology” built into the tips of the cartomizers. In essence the draw tip has 4 evenly spaced holes that divide and deliver the vapor, as opposed to one large hole in the center of the draw tip. There are more elaborate design changes to the inside of the carto which are in place to further improve upon how the device delivers vapor, but Mark Ten is keeping those details under their hat for now. This all sounded like a gimmick at first but it really did make a difference. The Mark Ten delivers a very nice, even draw of vapor with each drag. The delivery is noticeably different than other cig-a-likes, so Mark Ten really is on to something here. Again, they are Big Tobacco so this is an example of R&D dollars being spent to improve functionality.

The Battery

When we first saw how small the Mark Ten is we immediately questioned the battery. As per the stats in the owner’s manual the device can deliver vapor with 3.7 volts and hold a 90 mAh charge. Both of these figures are on the low side for the cig-a-like market. The 3.7 volts does deliver a solid drag. However the Mark Ten is not on par with PVs or even smaller devices with higher voltage batteries when it comes to the amount of vapor that it delivers. The draw tip is exquisite, but if you demand huge amounts of vapor then you may want to look elsewhere. It wasn’t as if the Mark Ten was entirely inadequate, but the amount of vapor delivered seemed to be average at best, even for a cig-a-like. At only 90mAh heavy vapers may worry about running out of charge. We can honestly say that the battery lasted all day and night for us without any issues. It must be recharged nightly, yet the smaller capacity still held up for daily activities. Again, if you are a heavy vaper, or heavy smoker looking to try vapor, you may want to keep a car charger around. The starter kit comes with a USB charger that is also conveniently portable.

Mark Ten does not offer refillable cartomizers, and although they claim to use 510 threading to connect the battery and cartomizers the device is not easily compatible with other hardware that uses 510 threading. We tried to use the battery with a refillable clearomizer and another brand’s cartomizer. Both attempts resulted in a shaky connection and poor vapor delivery. Like everyone else Mark Ten would prefer that you use their cartos with their batteries. Overall the Mark Ten delivers a respectable drag for a cig-alike. Yes, there are certainly more powerful devices but the user experience was pleasant, largely due to the draw tip.

visit Mark Ten online

Flavor and Vapor

Right now Mark Ten users are limited to refillable cartridges that come in either traditional tobacco or menthol. The traditional tobacco was good. We give it 4/5 stars for overall flavor. It has a significant tobacco flavor without being overbearing, and packs just a touch of sweetness. The menthol was a run of the mill mint flavor in our opinion. Nothing made the menthol stand out from any other brand out there, it wasn’t bad, just not special in any way. We give the menthol 3/5 stars which makes it about average. We would like to see more flavor options from Mark Ten in the future. Two flavor options is simply not enough when we all know what is really out there. As for throat hit Mark Ten’s blend is also very average in our opinion. You can feel a tingle when you vape but it isn’t significant. Throat hit isn’t a deciding factor in our book, but it does matter to a lot of vapers and smokers in search of a cig-a-like. All in all we rate Mark Ten’s flavor and overall vapor as “satisfactory.” It provides everything that you need from a basic device, but nothing to write home about.

The Verdict

The Mark Ten is a good, but not great, starter e cig or backup for a more advanced vaper who normally depends on a larger device. As cig-a-likes go it is well built, and we did love the Four Draw technology. It won’t be a surprise to us if other brands mimic this in the very near future as it was a noticeable improvement. The basic starter kit cost us less than $10 and included: a battery, 1 cartomizer, a USB charger, an owner’s manual and a “carrying case”. The carrying case is really just a cheap plastic tube, so we don’t see ourselves getting much use out of it. That’s okay though, as you can’t complain about a kit that costs so little while delivering a solid product. Price-wise Mark Ten has put themselves in a position to be a dollar or two cheaper than many of their competitors (in retail stores in our market), and they are not afraid to sell rechargeable kits right next to their disposbales. From a value standpoint Mark Ten delivers a slightly above average product for slightly below average cost. We’ll have see if they raise prices once they get to be a little more popular. We recommend the Mark Ten for those new to vaping or those who want a reliable backup device for the car or office. It is a respectable choice for those in the market for a cig-a-like.

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V2 Series 3 Personal Vaporizer Review

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Wednesday 30 July 2014 5:06 pm

V2 Series 3 Personal Vaporizer

With the race to create the best electronic cigarette well on its way we are starting to see a ton of improvement in the products that are available. V2 recently announced their Pro Series which will consist of three personal vaporizers. They have released the first of the line, the V2 Pro Series 3. We recently got our hands on one and took it for a spin for our latest e cigarette review.


*Sleek modern design

*Your choice of three tanks (most modern vaporizer technology of any large scale manufacturer currently on the market)

*Magnetic connections

*Above average vapor output


*Battery output tops out at 4.2 volts (many PV’s in this size and price range deliver up to 4.8 allowing for slightly more vapor output)

*Battery capacity of 650mAh (some PV’s in this size and price range are capable of 1,000 mAh which results in a longer lasting battery)

*Must buy extra tanks separately

Full V2 Series 3 Review

The Hardware

The Series 3 is finished with stainless steel (which is available brushed in your choice of silver, black or blue) and has a uniform diameter amongst all of the connecting pieces. Each piece is sturdy, our test made us the confident that the Series 3 would be durable overtime. V2 even opted for a glass clearomizer for the liquid tank, which is a plus because plastic tanks crack and discolor more easily and just feel cheaper. Better materials almost always equate to a better device, V2 definitely nailed it here. Measuring in at just shy of six inches, this persona vaporizer is a pretty standard size and is entirely portable.

The tank options are the most intriguing thing (to us) about this device. As of the writing of this review we don’t know of any other major manufacturer with such a device, and believe us we did web and telephone research to confirm. Users select one of three tanks: one for e liquids, one for dried leaves, and one for oils. Yes, you have to purchase extra tanks but the potential options are more than worth it. The tanks are all good size (the e liquid tank holds 1.6 ml, more than enough to get you through the day) and seamlessly attach to the battery. The magnets create a strong connecting force as the device never came apart in our pocket. We have definitely broken devices that screw together while on the go, so the ability for the device to simply detach if put under enough pressure, as opposed to breaking, is a huge plus. Speaking to technology the tanks each contain a microchip that, when connected to the battery, automatically communicate the temperature setting that is needed to vaporize any of the three materials that the tank may contain. While we do like variable voltage devices that allow you to select battery output (which the Series 3 does not), this feature represents a huge advancement in e cigarette technology. The battery held its charge and lasted through the day with ease even when used heavily, we do recommend charging nightly.


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Use and Vapor Output

V2 states that the Pro Series 3 is by design ideal for vaporizing liquids (the upcoming Series 7 is “optimized” for vaporizing loose leaves and yet to be released Series 9 is said to be the techie’s dream vape). Thus the liquid tank was our go-to for this review. The tank loads easily. It is a standard bottom coil tank system that you load by unscrewing the top cap and pouring in your juice of choice. V2 would prefer that you use theirs but we used multiple brands in our test and the device delivered vapor as it should have. The magnetic attachment feature made putting the device together and breaking it down a breeze.

Vaping Liquids

Vapor output was above average in our opinion. There are certainly devices out there that deliver larger quantities of vapor than the Series 3, however this device easily performed  well enough to be used daily. The vapor output bested any disposable e cig, cig-a-like or any of the hundreds of cheap corner store variety personal vaporizers that are out there on the market. You can pick a juice with more VG if you prefer clouds of vapor, but unless you absolutely must exhale enough vapor to fog out a room then V2’s Series 3 will certainly do the trick.

Vaping Dried Leaves

We also took the dry leaf tank for a spin. We chose a rolling tobacco that was recommended at a local smoke shop. We advise choosing a rolling tobacco over a pipe tobacco as it is cut smaller and thus is easier to vaporize. It does take a few minutes for the battery to heat up enough to vaporize dry leaves, but when it is ready it worked perfectly. This was the first experience with vaporizing tobacco leaves for most of us so we can’t tell you if there is a better device out there. We can tell that it was a very interesting vape and we enjoyed the flavor. We did not test the oil tank, hopefully we will have that opportunity in the future, if so we will update this review.

The Verdict

The price is very fair; a starter kit that includes the battery, a liquid tank, and a charger is $59.00 right now. You can add on the loose leaf cartridge for $24.99 which isn’t too bad when compared to similar devices. We would go with V2 over some of the other brands out there due to the fact that we know V2 is established and not a fly by night manufacturer. Aside from price the V2 represents a step forward in e cigarette technology. Like we said, no other established manufacturer that we know of has such a device. If you are an early adopter then this is definitely the PV for you. Lastly the myriad of options: juice, loose leaf or wax, makes the Series 3 one of, if not the most, versatile portable vaporizer on the market right now. You can check out the rest of the Pro Series line and pick up a Series 3 for yourself on V2’s website.

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