Using E Cigarettes as a Weight Loss Tool

Posted by Chris | E Cigarette 101 | Monday 6 October 2014 11:10 am

Many vapers have questioned whether electronic cigarettes a tool for weight loss. If you ask some the answer is “yes.” While vapor devices are clearly designed as alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, we are hearing many reports of people using electronic cigarettes to shed pounds, or avoid weight gain. Their effectiveness as a dieting tool is far from proven, however for some e cigarettes really do the trick.

Using E Cigarettes as a Weight Loss ToolTobacco cigarettes have long been associated with weight loss. Many people will tell you that smoking cigarettes increases your metabolism. The truth is that there is really no evidence to back this claim. What research has shown is that nicotine itself has an effect on the brain which curbs your appetite. As a result many smokers have a tendency to eat less. As most e cigarettes contain nicotine, they still deliver the same results as tobacco cigarettes from a hunger management standpoint. Yes, nicotine is a highly addictive element, but it is nice to see that it does have some potential benefits for vapers. If you already vape and are on a diet then this factor just might pay off for you in spades. One thing that we wouldn’t recommend is switching to a juice with higher nicotine content than you are accustomed to. Sure, the extra nicotine might help to suppress your appetite that much more, but at the end of the day a few extra pounds are not worth trading for a higher dependence on nicotine.

There is also something to be said for the behavioral effects of e cigarettes when it comes to weight loss and dieting. A considerable amount of vapers have reported using their favorite flavors of juice to substitute for snacks. Instead of taking in that 600 calorie piece of chocolate cake, many vapers simply fill their tank with chocolate, caramel, or any of the other thousands of tasty juice concoctions out there. You get the treat that you are craving without the unwanted baggage. A few puffs are usually all it takes to satisfy your sweet tooth. This is just another reason that we need to keep flavors around. We don’ t expect that many non-vapers will include electronic cigarettes in their weight loss plans, but vapor’s ability to substitute for a snack on the go sure does come in handy. Once again, these are adults using flavored e juice, not children.

We sincerely doubt that any doctors would prescribe electronic cigarettes as a part of a weight loss plan. We also do not recommend vaping as a tactic to anyone who does not already smoke or vape. You could definitely pick up zero nicotine liquid to satisfy cravings throughout the day, but it is not advisable to take in nicotine solely to trim down. Having said all of that it does look like e cigarettes could play a small role in your weight loss plan. Diet and exercise are obviously the key factors to focus on, but a little help never hurts!

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Is Now The Time to Open a Vape Shop?

Posted by Chris | E Cigarette 101 | Friday 19 September 2014 2:04 pm

You see more and more of them every day. Vape Shops are opening in towns big and small, catering to the ever-growing market of e cigarette users and aficionados. It has prompted a good amount of vapers to start their own businesses, and lead others wondering if now is the time to open a vape shop. It just might be, as long as you understand the current climate, and what it takes to run a proper e cigarette store.

Is Now The Time to Open a Vape Shop?What it Takes to Run a Vape Shop

There are several key elements that make up the best vape shops we have ever had the chance to visit. If you can hit the ground running with these elements in place, you have a much better chance at staking your claim in the vapor industry.

Employ the Right Staff

Frontline employees are key to success at any business. At a vape shop it is crucial to make the right hires. First off it makes sense to hire actual vapers. It sounds obvious but I have had conversations with multiple counter people and sales clerks who don’t seem to know much about vaping. Your staff has to be able to break down the different types of electronic cigarettes. Would a cig-a-like be best for a particular customer or should they start off with a personal vaporizer? If they know they want a personal vaporizer will a basic eGo-style device do the trick or are they ready for an e cig that lets them control air intake and battery power? A staff that knows the products, the brands, and the flavors is key. This is what we would look for first, and then thin the herd of applicants from there by focusing on personality, customer service skills and retail experience. One thing to watch out for is what I like to call a “vapor snob.”  They may be highly knowledgeable about vapor, but could end up being rude to a newbie. One employee not taking the time to educate and really help a newbie could cost you a lifelong customer. This is an issue that I have encountered more than once. The right staff will increase sales while helping to create an environment where vapers feel welcomed and actually enjoy spending their money.

Carry A Broad Selection of E Cigarettes

This is another one that sounds basic, but isn’t. How many times have you walked into a brand new vape shop, just to see a couple of brands of cig-a-likes and one or two options for super basic PVs? It sounds like a good idea to stick to that one small distributer with cheaper products at first. When you start losing out on sales due to lack of inventory it will not. Contact the larger vapor brands and ask for bulk pricing. This will give you brand names that people have heard of off the bat. You should also look to bulk buy from actual device manufacturers. With the internet this is easier than ever. Websites like (not an endorsement ) have popped up allowing business owners to deal directly with manufacturers. You will have to investigate each product and make the deal yourself, but will have access to a far larger pool of manufacturers and products, with fewer middle men. We suggest stocking multiple options for: cig-a-likes, PVs, box mods, and if you can find them throw in a couple of higher end mods. If you are experienced, or a little more daring, you may want to look into mixing custom juices onsite. The margins will be in your favor and you can attract that many more vapers. Designate an area in the shop, ensure that it is hygienic and that all components are stored correctly, and add to your offerings. Having a full spectrum of products at a variety of price points will let you serve vapers of all levels.

Know the Law

E cigarette laws are changing at local and national levels. Even as bans pop-up many municipalities seem to still allow vaping in vape shops, even though it may no longer be allowed in an office building or bars. This is a huge opportunity, as owning an establishment that allows vapers to congregate and try new things in a town where they are otherwise banished to the sidewalk is a great way to attract business. Right now most vape shops are not required to have a special license. Look into local laws to see if you need the same level of licensing as a tobacco shop in order to do business. Even if you do not, keep in mind that impending regulations from the FDA may soon change this factor nationwide. Planning now to spend the time and money to acquire proper licensing is a must. There’s no point in opening a shop if you won’t be able to pay for the necessary license and permits in the next year. Another potential upside to a bric and mortar vape shop is the chance that the FDA bans online sales. The White House removed language that did this from the FDA’s original proposal, but that does not mean it will not beaded back in. While losing online sales would be detrimental to vapers, it presents a distinct opportunity for retail location. Also, getting in before regulations come down may allow you to be “grandfathered” in to certain abilities and distinctions that will not be available after laws are formed.

Pick the Right Spot

Okay, so you know you probably shouldn’t open up next to a school. But where should you open up?

Strip malls in residential sectors aren’t the most glamorous location, but they do provide you with a good amount of people who might rather shop with you than drive a further distance. They also allow you to target customer that reside near your business via mail-outs, online ads, and billboards. If you go the residential route aim for a location on a main road with good visibility. You don’t want to lose out on business to a convenience store just because they are easier to get to. On the other side of the coin you may opt to target an entertainment district. If you are in the center of an area that bustles with diners, partiers, and young people you can pick up a good amount of business based on location alone. You will get traffic from all over your area, which will help to spread the word around town. You will also have access to larger amounts of smokers who may pop in after dinner or before they go out looking for something different. One thing to keep in mind is that if you choose a club district over a residential area it will behoove you to keep later business hours. Closing at 9PM Thursday, Friday and Saturday could be very costly in an entertainment district. In either case you should look for a space that accomodates both retial counters and lounges. Shops that have an area for vapers to gather and relax succeed in building relationship much more quickly than small shops. Your location will heavily affect your overall business strategy.

Like any business, opening a successful vape shops takes a good plan. You need knowledgeable, dedicated staff, the right location, and a good selection of products. If you are planning to open up in a small, hardly trafficked strip mall that offers low rent, and sell the least expensive devices that you can find you won’t be in business for long. Far too many people open exactly this type of shop and fail. If you are ready to create an environment that really caters to vapers, and has great selection then now may be the perfect time to get started.

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Part of E Cigs’ Trouble Is in Their Name

Posted by Chris | E Cigarette 101 | Friday 15 August 2014 12:59 pm

Bans and restrictions are being put into place right and left. Articles come out daily about the potential health effects, and the dangers of children coming into contact with vapor. At this point it really seems as if one of the biggest hurdles that electronic cigarettes have is the name itself. The fact that the word “cigarette” is included automatically cues skepticism, doubt and defensiveness. Considering how tobacco cigarettes have affected our society it really is no wonder that this happens. Smoking really is dangerous, and the stigma that surrounds smoking is often summed up with the word “cigarette”. Vaporizers, vapor products, vapes, mods, PVs or whatever else we call them would almost certainly stand a better chance if they had a name of their own.

Part of E Cigs Trouble Is in Their NameWhen they were first developed the name made perfect sense. E cigarettes were brand new products; due to the fact that they were just being introduced they needed a name that would help explain what they were. As they were electronic, and they were a replacement for cigarettes the term “electronic cigarette” took naturally. Everyone, including ourselves, took the name in stride. Fast forward to 2014 and the name is just not as fitting as it once was. The public at large understands what e cigarettes are. Sure your average Joe on the street may not be able to break down how they work or the difference between a drip tip and a clearomizer, but he will likely know what an e cig is. Three years ago this would not have been true. So with the passage of time and increases in awareness it is time for a change. We as a community need to settle on exactly what we call our devices, and the name should not include the word “cigarette”.

The shift would be a good one. It would further concrete the vapor community, building upon the identity and comradery that already exists. It would also allow for the products and the practice in general to be differentiated, even if but slightly, from smoking. The fact that people automatically think of cancer, emphysema, high blood pressure and the like is just plain bad for the vapor community. Yes, more research must be done. Yes, nicotine is an addictive substance. But neither of these facts makes it fair or even logical to lump vapor under the same umbrella as smoking. As a community we already call it vaping, and it is high time that the rest of the world took notice.

To make that happen we need to take the first step. When we talk about vapor to non-users we shouldn’t argue about subtle differences between vaping and smoking, we should highlight that they are completely different practices. Show them your “vaporizer”. Let them know how it works and how it has helped you. Focus on not using the word cigarette, and politely correct others in the debate when they use that verbiage. Don’t be pushy. Certainly don’t be rude. But don’t accept “No” for an answer. Changing public perception and acceptance can be just that easy. Obviously a switch in terminology will not stop the anti-vapor types. But it will plant a seed in the minds of many, and help to disassociate vapor products from the downsides of smoking that simply do not have anything to do with vaping.

So what do you call your device? If you still call it a cigarette, would you consider switching up verbiage? This is more than merely semantics. It is a better way to describe the devices that have changed the lives of so many people. It will afford us more leeway as vapers, and put the rest of the community on notice.  It’s also a heck of a lot more accurate.

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How Much Should E Cig Juice Cost?

Posted by Chris | E Cigarette 101 | Monday 28 July 2014 12:32 pm

At this point the ranks of vapers have grown into the 100’s of thousands, if not more. And that’s just in the United States. With all of this growth has come a huge number of vendors. As we shop around and take the time to try out new brands for our electronic cigarette reviews we see a wide gap in pricing. It’s hard for a vaper to put a set fHow Much Should E Cig Juice Cost?igure on just how much an e juice should cost. Is that low priced juice a good deal, or is the more expensive option really better?

To start let’s recap the 4 main ingredients in e juice to see what their base costs are. Remember that we haven’t surveyed every vendor, nor do we mix e juice ourselves, so these are close approximations based on research and large quantity purchases of each key ingredient. We are assuming that the end mix measures out to: 40% PG, 40% VG, 10% flavoring and 10% nicotine, resulting in a medium level of nicotine and a 50/50 PG to VG ratio.:

Propylene glycol- E juices with more PG give more throat hit. Propylene glycol can be bought in bulk from $8/gallon up to around $20/gallon depending upon who you purchase it from. Let’s go with the average and call it $14/gallon or about $0.02 per 15 ml vial (assuming your end mix is 40% PG).

Vegetable glycerin- VG is known for producing clouds of vapor, but with less throat hit. Food grade vegetable glycerin goes for anywhere between $12/gallon and $30/gallon. The average being $21/gallon or about $0.03 per 15 ml vial (assuming your mix is 40% VG).

Food grade flavoring- This is where pricing is hard to pin down. There are a ton of places to buy food quality flavors. The better e juice brands will be using the more expensive options. Pricing puts most flavors in the $20/gallon to $70/gallon range. The average comes to $45/gallon or about $0.02 per 15 ml vial (assuming that 10% of your mix is flavoring).

Liquid nicotine- Prices for liquid nicotine run a wide range. The end cost depends upon where you buy it from, the nicotine concentration level that your purchase and then how much you dilute the product down during the mixing process. 100mg liquid nicotine is readily available for around $100 per liter bringing the cost to $0.15 for 15ml.

So, our rough estimate of the cost of mixing materials for a 15 ml bottle of e juice is:

$0.02 + $0.03 + $0.02 + $0.15 = $0.22

Based upon our math the actual ingredients in a 15ml bottle of e juice run cost about $0.22. We are happy to round this up to an even $0.25 for the sake or round numbers. Keep in mind that the bottles the juices are sold in, rent on a warehouse or brick and mortar store, website costs, shipping costs, employee/payroll costs, insurance, etc. must be factored in to the end cost as these are part of every manufacturer’s overhead. The actual cost of a 15ml bottle of e juice is in fact much higher than a quarter. Then they need to up the price a bit more so that they can make some profit, e juice manufacturers are businesses after all.

As with any product the larger and more established brands charge more for their e juice. It’s not unheard of for a vendor to ask for up to $25 for a 15 ml vial. A local brick and mortar near us sells their “premium” juices for that much for 10ml vials. In our humble opinion, this is just too much. While it is worthwhile to pay more for quality no one wants to feel like they were ripped off. On the other end of the spectrum we see some online retailers selling their juices for as low as $2 for a 15ml vial. This is probably too low. It may be a new brand trying to get their name out there, but we still don’t touch juices that cost this little. In our minds the juice is likely made of lower quality ingredients, and quite possibly in a lesser equipped facility by staff that may not be fully trained. To us, pricing should be in the middle. Standard 15ml bottles of e juice that run anywhere from $5 to $10, and $10 to $15 30ml bottles are fairly priced to us.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether you are paying too much we suggest shopping around. Start by looking at some of the bigger names like Mount Baker (currently $6 for 15ml and $11 for 30ml bottles) or Vapor 4 Life (currently selling 30ml bottles for $12.50). Anything in this range is a good buy in our opinion. While you are researching you will want to look for reviews on the juices themselves. You can find these online on sites like ours. You can also ask around or hop on forums like E Cig Forum or even Reddit. You have to take the information with a grain of salt, but forums can be great places to discover new brands of juice.

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The Difference Between Vaping E Juice & Vaping Marijuana

Posted by Chris | E Cigarette 101 | Monday 21 July 2014 2:23 pm

One of the issues that has some people asking for more regulations when it comes to vaping is the fact that a small group of people are using vaporizers to consume marijuana/THC, as opposed to nicotine. Not surprisingly, the issue isn’t really being touted as a health concern, but a concern that when someone is vaping marijuana and not smoking it, it’s harder to catch them. Opponents are suggesting that electronic cigarettes will be used as a cover for marijuana, which is obviously illegal in the majority of the United States. Of course there are health concerns thrown in for good measure to make it look like this is all about health. In order to help avoid e cigarettes being lumped in with illegal products in the face of society and pending legislation it is important for the community at large to understand the differences between vaping e juice and vaping marijuana. The are separate practices which should not be confused for one another.


The Difference Between Vaping E Juice & Vaping Marijuana

The general consensus is that the best temperature zone to vape marijuana is between 240-370 degrees Fahrenheit. The best temperature for nicotine is between 257-302 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go any lower, you are going to release more aroma and less of the components that you are seeking to take in. While the temperatures are relatively close in terms of reaching the optimal level of heat, there is a notable difference. In other words, if someone does try to vape marijuana from an e-cigarette, they aren’t going to get the full effect that they are looking for because e-cigarettes are optimized for vaping nicotine. It is important to point out that these are in fact completely different devices from the beginning.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are vapor products that look like e-cigs, but aren’t. They are used for vaping marijuana. Different versions of these devices allow marijuana users to vaporize dried herbs or a THC infused wax. Anyone who is truly worried about marijuana use, and feels that they need to involve electronic cigarettes, is best advised to learn the signs of marijuana and accept that the product itself, and its effects fail to equate to using an electronic cigarette or traditional personal vaporizer.

Signs of Marijuana Use

Knowing how to differentiate those vaping marijuana and those vaping e cig juice will put you on the right path understanding the fundamental differences in the two activities.

*Marijuana proponents use vape pens, otherwise known as the “G Pen”.

*When vaping in public marijuana users often try to hide use of vape pen.

*An aroma of marijuana will waft through the air when someone is partaking in the (largely) illegal version of vaping. It’s hard to mistake the smell of marijuana for “Traditional Tobacco” or “Cherry Jubilee”.

*For a quick rundown on the signs of marijuana use check out this overview from the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

While we are not here to condone, encourage, or otherwise address the use of marijuana, we aren’t here to judge it either. Many states are in the process of changing their marijuana laws, and to be honest marijuana might just be legal in your state soon, if it isn’t already. E cigarette users are sure to be mistaken for marijuana users, and vice versa, in the very near future. It is important to highlight the differences between the substances, their effects and the overall lifestyle that is associated with each.

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Electronic Cigarettes Verse Top Smoking Cessation Aids

Posted by Chris | E Cigarette 101 | Monday 7 July 2014 4:49 pm

There are plenty of people who will tell you that e cigarettes are an effective aid for those who want to stop smoking cigarettes. Others will argue that they do not work at all. Let’s take a look at your options and make a decision that is based on actual facts.

Electronic Cigarettes Verse Top Smoking Cessation AidsE cigarettes are one of the very few smoking cessation aids that are not currently regulated by the FDA. The pattern seems to be for the FDA to approve smoking cessation aids and initially make them available by prescription only. Then they wait a few years and see that people are actually smart enough to manage their own quitting process without the intervention of a doctor. The aid then becomes approved for over the counter sales. This is what happened with the patch, gum, and lozenges – all of which can now be purchased OTC, even if they do come with warning labels that might suggest you avoid things like eating a nicotine patch or snorting a lozenge. This seems a bit like overkill, but when you consider the warnings that come on a shampoo bottle, warnings on tobacco replacement products really aren’t such a bad idea.

Generally speaking the FDA likes to regulate everything that people use to stop smoking. Oddly enough, part of the reason they do this is because nicotine is addictive. Yet many warnings have been removed from nicotine replacement products. Why? Because the FDA concluded that there was no risk of addiction to the products, even though they contain nicotine. Today they want to regulate e cigarettes, in part because they contain nicotine. It’s enough to make you dizzy.

How effective are these products effective though? The American Cancer Society estimates that only between 4% and 7% of smokers are able to quit on any given attempt without a cessation aid of some sort.  Take a look at some of the products below and their success rates.

Over the Counter Options

Of all of the over the counter products approved by the FDA for use as smoking cessation aids the highest rate of success comes from using a combination of several distinct products. The patch, gum, and lozenges are all included in this group. By using various combinations, smokers realized a 20% success rate after one year in one study. Using one product, smokers only experienced a 7.5% success rate.

As of now, e cigarettes are not approved as a smoking cessation aids because they are not regulated by the FDA. However, studies have shown up to a 20% success rate when electronic cigarettes are used to quit smoking. To be fair other studies have shown quitting rates closer to 9%.

Prescription Options

Chantix and Zyban are both approved by the FDA as smoking cessation aids that do not contain nicotine. When they are taken as directed, these products are effective for those who have made up their minds to stop smoking. Chantix themselves claims a 44% success rate for smokers in their study after 3 months of treatment. The numbers for Zyban are less clear as multiple sources report differing success rates. However, the side effects from either can sometimes be more uncomfortable than most people want to deal with. Side effects from nausea to insomnia to depression have been associated with either one or both of these prescription options.

Nicotrol is a smoking cessation aid that can be inhaled a nasal spray or an orally. It requires a prescription and is approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation aid. Studies have shown an increased chance of success over a matter of weeks, but long term studies have not been done to determine the final rate of success. Inhalers have however been found to be effective when used together with the patch, gum or lozenges.

To date, e cigarettes have among the highest rate of success when used to stop smoking. Smokers should note that chances of success always increase when more than one method is used at a time. It is possible to overdose on nicotine, so even though studies have shown increased chances of success when using a combination of aids that contain nicotine, this can be a dangerous route. If you are using more than one nicotine or nicotine replacement aid please be conscious of how much you are taking in. Follow all instructions from your doctor and the manufacturer. You might also try combining e cigarettes with therapy or other, non-medicinal methods. We are looking forward to more research and figures on the effectiveness of e cigarettes as quitting aids. Like us, many vapers out there can share their personal success stories.

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How to Create an E Cig Policy in Your Workplace

Posted by Chris | E Cigarette 101 | Wednesday 2 July 2014 12:57 pm

With all the controversy surrounding electronic cigarettes right now, some employers aren’t sure whether to allow it in the workplace or not. If there is a smoking area in or around the workplace, then vapers may be welcome in those areas. Yet some vapers may not want to join the crowd that is smoking tobacco cigarettes, especially if they use vaping as a method to quit smoking. Now, if electronic cigarettes are included in indoor smoking bans in your hometown then obviously you will have to step outside. If not then you might just be able to talk to management and get a vapor policy put into place. Below are some steps that you can take in order to try and make vaping possible in your workplace.

Work is Work

How to Create an E Cig Policy in Your Workplace Don’t set yourself up to look bad in the eyes of administration for pushing to be allowed to vape while working hastily. If you push for a vapor policy in your workplace without a sound course of action you will be unprepared and therefore less credible when you make your pitch.  The only thing you should be doing while working is just that, working. This will be the first thing on your Boss’s mind when they object. Being prepared to rebut the initial rejection with a sound plan is key to getting a policy pushed through.

Collect Opinions

One thing that management is going to want to avoid is conflict between employees. You can distribute and collect a short survey, and ask what your co-workers think. It’s best to keep it simple and offer yes or no questions for them to answer. Some examples are below. Use the ones that are applicable to your workplace.

Do you think e-cigs should follow the same guidelines as tobacco cigarettes in the workplace?

Would you prefer if e-cigs were used away from people who don’t smoke at all?

Would it bother you if someone used an e-cig while sitting next to you?

Offer Suggestions

*There is nothing more irritating than a whiny employee. Don’t complain about current policies or lack thereof. Instead, offer a realistic solution to the problem, presented in a professional manner. If your employer doesn’t want you to vape complaining about it is the equivalent of stomping your feet while shouting “not fair”.

*Realize that some people are leery of vaping. You aren’t going to change their minds, so work with what you have to come up with a solution.

*Try talking to Human Resources or reviewing your employee manual for rules and verbiage that may help you to convince management that vaping is acceptable in the workplace.

*Suggest a specific area away from the regular break room if you get the idea that vaping at your desk or work station will be vetoed by management.

*Some employers may fear that you are using your e-cig to ingest something other than vapor and nicotine. If this is the case, offer to succumb to random drug testing.

*Keep in mind that state and local laws apply. Most current laws include age restrictions. If this is the case and you work with minors, you may have to create a sign to label an area for those who are 18 and over.

Create a Solid Proposal

*Put something in writing for your boss to consider. Start out with a brief introduction to vaping, noting that it only looks like smoke while it’s really only vapor. Ask for an area to vape in and include a policy draft (learn more below) so that your boss can see all the work has already been done for him or her.

*Discuss the benefits of vaping. Your boss might be particularly interested to know that e-cigarettes are often used when people want to quit smoking. This may have an impact on the insurance plan your boss has to pay for and may even be the start of a stop smoking campaign for the company.

*Finally, thank your boss for taking the time to read your proposal and policy. Suggest a timeline to implement the policy, giving your boss at least a few days to consider it.

Draft a Policy

Your policy needs to have strict wording so that your boss takes it seriously. It needs to include the times when vaping is allowed as well as where it can be done. Vapers should be responsible for keeping the area clean. Note that vaping can be done ONLY during designated times and only in the designated areas. Include a sign that prevents minors from being in the area if minors work in your workplace. Even if minors are allowed to vape in your area, it’s probably only a matter of time until they can’t and certainly not a good idea. Putting a full plan together will show your boss that your proposal has been thought threw and considers all employees, not just those who vape.

Hopefully this helps you get approval to vape at work. It is a privilege that every vaper wants, but not every vaper has. Seeking opinions from coworkers, presenting the facts and coming up with a fair policy are key to convincing management to let you vape. Now t’s time to get out there and work on your right to vape on the job!

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E Cigarette Collections That Blow Our Minds

Posted by Chris | E Cigarette 101 | Monday 23 June 2014 12:46 pm

Some people get into vaping in order to quit smoking. Others just enjoy vaping, period. And then there are those who take it to a whole other level. As electronic cigarettes become more popular expect to see more intricate designs as well as a dedication to branded and hi-end vapor products. This trend has lead many vapers to build some respectable electronic cigarettes collections. Whether you occasionally vape as a way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes or you are exploring different flavors and tools, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of some of these awesome e-cig collections.

It isn’t unusual for someone to start vaping with something as simple as a disposable electronic cigarette and then move on to a more advanced device. Like anything else, it depends on how interested you are as well as how much you want to spend. With all the different options in the form of e-cigs as well as flavoring and nicotine levels, it isn’t hard to build a diverse collection of e-cigs. Some people do it so they have variety. Others do it because they like to collect things, period. And let’s face it, e-cigs aren’t the worst thing a person could collect. Or have we all forgotten the Beanie Baby obsession? In the spirit of great collections let’s take a look at some of the most impressive e cig repertoires from around the web.

The Girly Girl

With all of the color and customization options out there for e cigs you can build a collection around any theme that you like. This vaper has put together a collection of batteries, tanks, mouth pieces and attachments that allow her to show her feminine side.

E Cigarette Collections That Blow Our Minds

The Variety Lover

E pipes are not the most common devices out there, but that didn’t stop this vaper. They have a well rounded collection here that features personal vaporizers of all sorts and finishes, a box mod, and one of the most extensive e pipe collections that we have seen. It’s safe to say that this collector can get the exact vape that they want at any given time.

E Cigarette Collections That Blow Our Minds

Neat and Tidy

This collection is for those of you out there who appreciate organization. From a custom wood e cigarette display case to separate spaces to store tanks, juices and e cigs this collection takes the cake in the neat and tidy category. On top of that it’s a very well rounded collection with a variety of different vapes to choose from.

E Cigarette Collections That Blow Our Minds

The More Than Avid Collector

This vaper has a collection that puts most to shame. Their assortment of personal vaporizers and mods is beyond extensive, and quite eye-catching. It may even be safe to say that this is more than one collection, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

E Cig Maintenance

Even if you don’t plan to have a large collection to maintain it’s important to keep up on the maintenance of your e-cigarettes. Doing so will extend their life span and keep them in prime working condition. It will also ensure that your liquids taste as they should. As you can imagine, cleanliness is the most important part of maintaining your e-cigarette.

If you use an e cig with a disposable cartridge, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the cartridge or filler materials, but you still need to maintain the rest of the e cig. Best practices involve cleaning it on a daily basis, but you can also clean it when you change cartridges. One of the best ways to do this is with an alcohol pad. Simply disassemble the e cigarette and gently wipe down all of the exposed pieces. You might also insert a toothpick into the openings to keep them free of buildup that may occur over time.

Maintaining an e cigarette with a refillable cartridge is the same as those with a disposable one, but you will need to clean the inside of the tank and replace the wicking material as well. If alcohol pads are unavailable, try gently wiping the surfaces down with cloth that has had warm water wrung out of it.

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