Why You Should Consider the Benefits of an Electronic Cigarette

Thousands of Americans struggle daily when they attempt to quit smoking cigarettes. Many have tried nicotine products to suppress the cravings and have still failed. This is often attributed to the fact that they are used to the act of smoking. Between the oral fixation and the social connection between people smoking together, many fail … [Read more…]

Why Electronic Cigarettes?

People often ask, what’s not good enough about what I smoke right now? Why would I want to make the jump to a fake cigarette? These are all valid questions, and they all have valid answers. First, electronic cigarettes are not “Fake” cigarettes. They actually are a more “pure” form of smoking. Instead of inhaling … [Read more…]

Blu Electronic Cigarettes Review

Manufacturer: Blu E-Cigarettes Customer Rating: Sale Price: $69.95 Availibility: Usually ships in 24 hours Free Shipping Available  Our Rating:                   Blu Electronic Cigarettes Review – Background Information: Blu electronic cigarettes are a relatively new company doing business out of North Carolina.  Don’t let this company appeal to … [Read more…]