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The Basics of an E Cigarette

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Uncategorized | Tuesday 28 June 2011 7:09 pm

An e-cigarette has quite a few differences with a traditional cigarette. The main thing they have in common is that they are both used to deliver nicotine. However, that is where the similarity ends. The differences are easy to understand.

Combustion vs. Vaporization

In a traditional cigarette a flame is applied to the tobacco. This heats it enough so it will continue smoldering for as long as it is drawn on. An electronic cigarette does not use fire, and produces more “smoke”. Smoke is the particulate result of combusting matter. Smoke sometimes contains vapor as well. Vapor, which is emitted by the e cig, is simply a liquid that has been transformed into a gas by means of heating. The vapor drawn from an e-cigarette may or may not contain nicotine. However, it does not contain the hundreds of toxins found in traditional cigarette smoke that are known health hazards. E cig vapor does not contain tar.


Tobacco is sometimes mentholated, but beyond that the tastes are very limited. Vaporizers use a fluid that contains flavoring if desired, and the flavor is much more apparent than it is in the limited number of flavored tobaccos on the market. The flavors include everything from pina colada to coffee to tobacco. There is a variety available. One of the ways that smokers use vaporizers to get over the cigarette habit is by picking a flavor that tastes much better than the cigarettes they are used to.


An e-cigarette is a very simple device. Smokers need to be aware of three main components.

Power Source: This is either the battery or a USB pass-through that allows smokers to heat the atomizer, and produce smoke. There are numerous different patterns available, and they have to be matched with the atomizer or cartomizer the smoker has.

Atomizer: A heating element that attaches directly to the battery. Some are used with fluid-filled cartridges, and some are dripped on directly by the user.

Cartridge: The reservoir that holds the fluid. If the carriage attaches to an atomizer, it is properly called a cartridge. If an atomizer is included it is called a cartomizer. One atomizer will last through many cartridges. Cartomizers last a shorter amount of time, but have a new atomizer included with every one.

Battery Life

The batteries sold with e-cigarettes, as with any other battery, have a limited amount of times that they can be recharged. However, they usually last, on average, many months. They should be drained fully before recharging. When a battery becomes weaker, smokers will receive less of a hit off of the vaporizer. This means the battery needs a recharge.There are numerous accessories that go along with e-cigarettes including more advanced chargers, atomizers, and so forth. Experimenting can be fun. Smokers who are so inclined can experiment with the many different flavors of e-juice if they wish to try a different taste now and then. There are also different colored LEDs available on the ends of these cigarettes.

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Troubleshooting An E-Cigarette

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Uncategorized | Friday 24 June 2011 7:56 am

Troubleshooting Electronic Cigarettes

Like every other electronic device, an e-cigarette will have issues occasionally. Fortunately, these issues are usually very easily remedied. The cartridges have limited life spans, so newer users need to make sure they are not trying to fix a vaporizing device instead of realizing that the cartridge is simply worn out before getting frustrated with it.


The cartridge, atomizer, and cartomizer devices on e-cigarettes are all disposable components. How long they last will depend upon how much a smoker uses them. An atomizer can last many weeks, sometimes more than a month, for someone who vapes rather heavily. For a lighter user, they can last much longer. Cartridges last as long as the material in them, and can continue to be refilled with e-juice. When the filler material gets stiff and dried out, it is time to replace them. Cartomizers will generally start to taste bad when they are worn out, or when the atomizer becomes worn out. The cartridges need to be changed usually once per week. However, some smokers get much longer life spans out of them provided that the reservoir material can take fluid.

Batteries can last many months. They work best, however, if they are only charged after they are run down fully. While this is not as much of an issue as it was for older types of rechargeable batteries, it is still recommended that they be run down before they are charged up rather than charging them every time the device is not in use.

No Heating

When a vaporizer is not properly heating the fluid that has been put in, it is usually because the atomizer has gone out. If the atomizer has been on the device for a while, it might be time for a change. Sometimes, however, this is not the reason. A dirty atomizer may also be to blame. When the cartridge or cartomizer is overfilled smokers will end up with liquid on the connection between the battery and the atomizer which can also create problems. Smokers should also be sure the filler contains fluid. An end cap on the cartomizer or cartridge before setting the device down will help ensure this. The reservoir can dry out quickly, particularly in arid climates, causing smokers to believe that there is a problem with the device.

Pressure Switch Sticks On or Off

Most of the time smokers can remedy a switch that is stuck by tapping the device on a table a few times. The pressure switches on breath-activated vaporizers will stick now and then, but it is usually not a major problem. A windy environment, such as a car with the window down, may create a stuck pressure switch as well. In such cases, it is best to just put the device down, or to roll up the window so that it does not stay on too long. Another option is to use an e cig with a manual switch. Manual battery switches sometimes wear out after a while, but the switches usually last longer than the batteries.


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Should Smokers Sign Up for the South Beach Smoke Membership Program?

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Uncategorized | Tuesday 14 June 2011 10:54 am

One thing is very clear when purchasing from South Beach Smoke, they put a huge emphasis on their membership program. South Beach Smoke does everything, but offer a new car to join their membership program. The program offers 30% off a regular shipment of cartridges, and lets smokers purchase their starter kits at close to 50% off the regular price. The South Beach Smoke membership comes with a regular shipment of cartridges at the smoker’s frequency which largely depends on how often they smoke. However, perks from the program do not end there.

The product itself is also designed for long-term use. South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are sold in starter kits which include accessories such as an extra battery, wall charger, car charger, and even a USB charger that can be plugged into a laptop or computer. Although smokers can only choose one type of cartridge shipment (flavor and strength), they can easily change it by calling customer service.

South Beach Smoke’s lithium ion batteries are good for prolonged use, and members have a lifetime warranty. Warranties are particularly important when it comes to electronic devices such as e-cigarettes. They offer a lifetime warranty on their products, and is very good about replacing batteries, cartridges, or accessories that may be defective.

South Beach Smoke also provides exclusive deals for their members to keep them happy such as 50% off cartridge sales, free shipping, and other deals. They encourage members to join their Facebook Fan Page, and other social media where there are giveaways and contests for further savings. South Beach Smoke seems determined to hold on to customers and keep them for the long run. They have incredibly responsive customer service, and always deal with issues on a personal level: same day by phone and e-mail.

South Beach Smoke wants their customers to become members, which is a very good thing. Smokers can save a ton of money, have cartridges shipped regularly, have the security of a warranty, and exclusive access to deals and their e-cigarette smoking community.

Buy South Beach Smoke

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“Write To Win” Blu Electronic Cigarette Contest

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Uncategorized | Monday 6 June 2011 5:45 am

Electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm. Thousands have kicked the traditional cigarette habit by using these chemical free devices. Those who have been attempting to quit, and those who are already fans of e cigs have a chance to win a FREE Blucigs starter kit valued at $69.95. CigaretteReviews.org is holding a “Write To Win” Blu electronic cigarette starter kit contest, and entering is easy!

Interested contestants need to simply read two Blu Cigs articles, and post a comment. The articles “The Updated Blu Cigs Review 2011” and “Updated Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review” can be found on the CigaretteReviews.org website. Two entries, one for each post, will be submitted after posts are created. Only one post per article will be accepted. However, once the original posts are submitted there will be other opportunities for additional entries.

Blucigs has been one of the market’s most reliable e cig companies. Both their product and customer service are second to none. Their popularity increased dramatically this winter with the introduction of their new two piece design. This convenient device creates more vapor, and a stronger taste. Their starter kit includes everything a smoker needs to begin enjoying their experience. Besides the two batteries, wall charger, and USB charger that are included in the kit, smokers will receive a pack of flavor cartridges. The pack contains five cartridges in the strength and flavor of choice. Smokers can choose between flavors including Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Magnificent Menthol, and Classic Tobacco. Blu proudly boasts flavors that are made in the USA exclusively by Johnson Creek.

Once contestants create their posts there are three easy ways to receive additional entries. Hopeful winners can submit their additional entries when they “like” the CigaretteReviews Facebook fan page, post a comment on the CigarettesReviews Facebook fan page, and follow CigaretteReviews on their Twitter account to receive their additional entries. Contestants have between 12:00 AM EST June 1, 2011 and 11:59:59 PM EST August 31, 2011 to enter.

Contestants wishing to enter must be 18 years of age or older, and a legal resident of one of the 50 United States. Void where prohibited by law. The winner will be asked to verify their age by submitting a W8 or W9. Good luck, and happy vaping!

UPDATE June 17 2011!

Thanks everyone who has participated in the contest. We’ve had such a great response so far to the contest that we are adding one more way to earn additional entries. We’ve added a Google Plus One banner to our site.

google plus one

You’ll see this banner in the upper right hand side of our site on all pages.  Click on the Google Plus one banner while on either of the two Blu Cigs articles above to get additional entries in the contest. There is still a lot of time left in the contest and we look forward to seeing more comments!

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Department of Transportation to Make E Cig Ban on Airplanes Official

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Uncategorized | Saturday 4 June 2011 11:11 am
No More E Cigs on Airplanes The Department of Transportation plans to officially ban electronic cigarettes on airlines this spring. Originally there had not been any official restrictions on smoking an e cig on airplanes. The TSA did not have a specific regulation prohibiting the devices. In fact, many flight attendants were not even aware of the smokeless devices.Many smokers were able to smoke their e cig after informing flight attendants about how the electronic cigarette works. E cigs emit an odorless vapor instead of a traditional cigarette’s harmful second hand smoke. Since there has not been anything specific written about the devices most airlines have previously determined that they are permitted.

According to The Associated Press, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently stated in a letter to Senator Lautenberg that they now interpret smoking regulations to include electronic cigarettes. Because the health effects of e cigs are still unknown, officials such as Lautenberg are worried non smoking passengers will be affected by the vapor.

Smokers can, however, store their e cigs in their carryon luggage. Small bottle of e juice can even be stored in their quart sized bags with other acceptable liquids. Many TSA workers viewing personal items through security are now aware of the electronic devices.

Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular. They have helped thousands quit traditional cigarettes. Thousands more are making the switch every week. The chemical free alternative is not specifically marketed as a smoking cessation product. However, those trying to quit have had much better success kicking the habit using these devices.

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Using Different E-Juice

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Uncategorized | Thursday 2 June 2011 9:59 am

Contrary to what some people believe, there’s no reason that you have to use the e-juice of one particular manufacturer in any e-cigarette. The flavors are just blends of different flavoring agents, glycerin and, in some cases, nicotine, which produces vapor when heated by the atomizer in these devices. What you will notice, however, is that there are some significant differences in taste between the different products on the market.

Heavier Tastes

The heavier tastes on the market tend to be the tobacco flavors and the coffee and chocolate flavors. There are also flavors that are designed to emulate the taste of a cigar or a pipe. These flavors are usually better for those who are using an e-cigarette to give up their regular smoking habit. They have a passable taste and there are even some flavors available that are designed to imitate the taste of a particular brand of tobacco.

Lighter Tastes

Vanilla, coconut and other flavors are also available for e-cigarettes. Most of the time, ex-smokers will like the taste of tobacco less and less as they drift away from it. Eventually, it will taste as bad to them as it did the first time they smoked it. This is usually a process, but those who decide they like vaping will sometimes enjoy trying out different flavors. There is an incredible variety to choose from and many of them are quite good.

Vapor Volume

Some fluid has a much higher vapor production than others. You’ll have to experiment a bit to find out which brands work for you. The type of e-cigarette you use will also play into how much vapor you get out of it. In some cases, you may find that one particular e-cigarette “likes” a certain brand of e-juice. In other cases, you’ll just happen to get a very hot atomizer and this will make it seem like the vapor you’re using is better than others you’ve tried. Try an entire bottle before you come to any conclusions.


Among those e-juices that come with nicotine, there are different strengths. Unlike so-called “light” and “full flavor” cigarettes, there actually is a difference between the nicotine strengths you get with the different levels of fluid. If you’re getting too much of a buzz off of the e-cigarette, try a weaker nicotine strength. If you’re craving a cigarette all the time when you’re trying to use the vaporizer instead, go with a higher strength.

Remember that e-cigarettes hit much differently than a regular cigarette does. For the best results, hold it with the tip down and draw lightly. This encourages the vapor to rise upward into your mouth, which gives you a nice, strong hit. When your cartomizer or atomizer starts to go, you’ll notice that the hits get thinner and the taste gets weak. It’s usually best to have a spare along so that you don’t end up running out of parts when you’re away from home. There are cases available with slots for holding your accessories and, sometimes, which provide a charge, as well.

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