FDA Loses Appeal To Regulate E Cigs!

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | E-Cig News | Thursday 23 December 2010 1:11 pm


With the recent big news about the FDA losing their appeal in the case to regulate electronic cigarettes, some still argue about how safe they actually are.  An appeals court ruling recently ruled that the FDA lacks the authority to regulate electronic cigarettes as drugs or devices. This ruling upheld a decision made in a lower court case.  The ruling states that the FDA can only regulate e cigs as tobacco products, and can no longer restrict their sale.

This month’s issue of the Tobacco Control stated concerns that electronic cigarettes may be harmful, and have requested that they are removed from the market until their safety is adequately tested. However, a Boston University School of Health Scientist disagrees. The scientist states that he has reviewed 16 laboratory studies identifying the components in electronic cigarette liquid and vapor. His article, which was published before the submission in the Tobacco Control journal, states that carcinogen levels in electronic cigarettes were found to be 1,000 times lower than in traditional cigarettes. He also states that scientists actually know more about what is in the e cig than what a traditional cigarette contains.

Another concern the Boston University Scientist voices is that many smokers who have turned to electronic cigarettes may turn back to smoking traditional cigarettes. E cigs have given thousands of smokers a chemical free alternative. The only one that would benefit from an electronic cigarette ban would be tobacco companies. They are being financially threatened by the e cig.

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South Beach Smoke Low Prices

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Tuesday 14 December 2010 9:33 pm

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes have hit the e-cigarette market by storm with their low cost business model and extremely convenient home delivery program.  Many electronic cigarette companies offer their products for around $100-a-starter kit; South Beach Smoke provides their product for as low as $29.99. It is simply one of the most affordable companies from which to buy good electronic cigarettes.

While they are not the first company to provide affordable electronic cigarettes, they do provide affordable e-cigs with a high quality product, great customer service and quality customer options. These options range from multiple flavor disposable cartridges to numerous accessories which include a stylish carrying case, USB e-cigarette charger and more.

South Beach Smoke also has amazing customer service which undoubtedly comes in handy when dealing with electronics. They have a high quality home delivery program which comes with a lifetime warranty on their products and 30% monthly shipments of cartridges. We have tested many e-cigarette products, and South Beach Smoke is a great way to go.

In addition to the lowest prices all year-round, right now they’re offering an incredible deal for 15% Off any Starter Kit, so now is the perfect time to test out a Starter from the fastest growing Electronic Cigarette brand on the market today. Simply add coupon code ‘HOLIDAY24’ at check-out to receive 15% off your order. Hurry though – we’re not sure how long this deal will be around for, but we think a few more days.

Buy South Beach Smoke

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E Cigarette Reviews – Understanding a New Industry, Why Shortages Are Occurring

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Saturday 11 December 2010 5:15 pm

CigaretteReviews.org will be adding many new e cigarette reviews over the next few months to help consumers decide which brand is best for different types of smokers. E cigarettes are still fairly new to the United States, but they have become so popular so fast that the industry is having trouble keeping up with demand. A great example of this is two of the e cigarettes we have already reviewed.

Blu Cigs jumped into the e cigarette industry with a splash a little more than 18 months ago, and are already one of the top e cigarette brands on the market. Five to six months after they began selling e cigarettes in the US they began having inventory issues. Blu Cigs, we assume, never expected the volume of orders they began to receive so quickly. They acted fast though, and actually stopped taking orders on their website until they caught up with the back orders they were trying to fulfill. This must have been a tough decision to make. However, they quickly worked to increase their production and employee base so they could handle future orders easily. Today, if a customer orders a Blu Cigs starter kit on a Monday chances are they will have it in their hands before Friday! This is a great success story. Sometimes consumers are quick to bash companies when things do not go smoothly. That is not to say it is not ok to be upset if a purchase is made, and customers are not provided the level of service expected. In an industry as new as e cigarettes there should be a level of understanding that newer companies will have growing pains. The biggest issue occurs when companies are not open and honest with their customers. Blu Cigs acted quickly, and made tough decisions early on to make sure that in the future they would be able to build long lasting relationships with their valued customers. This is a testament to the way business should be conducted online, and a model for future small online businesses to follow.

Newer online companies always want to believe they will have more demand than they can handle, but rarely ever have the capital or the preparedness to realize it early enough to deal with demand. This almost always causes a customer service issue based on the trickledown effect.  Ownership and management do not act quickly enough, or do not know soon enough that there will be a shortage in product. Employees are not trained well enough, and do not bring the issue to management soon enough. This almost always ends up with the customer bearing the brunt of not receiving their order in a timely fashion.

Presently, the new e cigarette company V2Cigs, which started less than a year ago, is experiencing the same growing pains that Blu Cigs experienced. Since V2 Cigs came into the industry after many other brands launched they may have thought their growth would be much slower than it has been.  V2 Cigs has one of the best e cigarette products on the market today. This has made it nearly impossible for them to keep up with demand. V2 Cigs ownership has been scrambling over the past few months trying to increase their product and staff to deal with their quick growth. CigaretteReviews.org has personally been told by V2 ownership that they have spent countless hours working to increase their production, warehouse space and staff. The owners are basically working 24 hours a day in order to correct these issues. As mentioned earlier, the trickledown effect has hit V2Cigs hard. Customers are very unhappy with the length of time it is taking to receive their starter kits. Many of these customers are ex-smokers or smokers who are attempting to live a cleaner smoke free life style. CigaretteReviews.org has been receiving emails and comments from numerous readers explaining their angst to start using their V2 Cigs starter kits in their quest to switch from traditional cigarettes to e cigs. Many consumers now know the financial savings, and the benefits of using e cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. It is difficult reading comments and emails from consumers asking for help so they can curb their need for a cigarette. The goal of CigarettesReviews.org is to help cigarette smokers learn more about the clean chemical free alternative that is e cigarettes. We do believe V2 Cigs has an excellent product. We hope customers wait for their order to arrive if a starter kit has already been purchased. V2Cigs customers will end up with a superior product.

We received information from V2 Cigs ownership this week that they have increased production, and added staff to handle the overwhelming orders recently received. Ownership says that they expect to have all back orders delivered, and all production concerns under control by the first week of January. Considering the holiday season is in full swing, most companies in the e cigarette industry, as well as every other industry, are dealing with demand issues. We hope V2Cigs can deliver on their prediction.

If you are unable to wait for your V2 Cigs order and decide to cancel, we suggest you consider one of the following brands that we’ve reviewed. CigaretteReviews.org continues to try to provide reviews for all e cigarette brands. The list of brands below has reported no stock issues, and we consider them to have high quality e cigarette starter kits:

Blu Cigs – Well established top rated brand with fast delivery, and many different flavors and strengths to choose from. They are now well equipped to handle high demand!

Buy blu cigs

South Beach Smoke
– Newer e cigarette brand that has a high quality e cigarette starter kit. No delivery issues reported to date. They also have an automatic monthly ordering system for cartridges so smokers never have to worry about running out.

Buy South Beach Smoke

White Cloud
– High end starter kits. They cost a bit more, but have a long warranty. They use high quality parts for long lasting overall life of the starter kit. Never reported any delivery issues.

Buy White Cloud

– High quality starter kits with great cartridges. They have never reported any stock issues to date.

Buy Smoketip
We hope this article helps consumers decide on the best e cigarette starter kit for their needs. Please communicate below any questions, thoughts, and experiences about the brands mentioned. Also feel free to recommend a brand to add to the list. J

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Blu Cigs Coupon Code – 50% Off!

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Monday 6 December 2010 12:24 pm

Get 50% off your Blu Cigs Starter Kit with Coupon Code:


This coupon is good until 12/07/2010 so act fast!

Blu E Cigarettes are one of the top electronic cigarette brands on the market. This is one amazing deal. E Cigarettes look and feel like real cigarettes. Check out our full review of Blu Cigs. You can also check out our Blu Cigs video review.

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Frii E Cigarettes Review

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Saturday 4 December 2010 7:47 pm

Smokers understand that their addiction is partly due to the fact that they are addicted to the physical act of smoking. The act of holding a cigarette, as well as bringing it to their mouth, is just as addicting as the nicotine. Electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm, and are helping traditional cigarette smokers to enjoy a chemical free alternative.

Frii e cigarettes are another premier company in the ever growing ecig market. Frii offers a two part ecig in 3 different starter kits .Smokers can control the amount of nicotine they consume. They can select different strengths from full strength nicotine to nicotine free refills. Frii also offers tobacco, menthol, vanilla, and coffee flavors. Refill cartridges are equivalent to about 1½ packs of traditional cigarettes which will also save money.

Frii’s Basic Starter Kit includes everything a smoker needs to begin enjoying their smoking experience. The Get Frii Kit includes 1 Lithium Ion battery, 1 USB charger, 1 wall adapter, and 5 nicotine cartridges in the strength and flavor of the smoker’s choice. The Frii Basic Starter Kit sells for $79.95.

The Be Frii Deluxe Starter Kit, which sells for $99.95, includes 2 Lithium Ion batteries, 1 USB charger, 1 wall adapter, and 5 nicotine cartridges.

The Live Frii Decreasing Starter Kit is designed to help smokers decrease their nicotine level so they can eventually smoke nicotine free cartridges. This kit, which sells for $139.95, includes 20 cartridges in varying strengths so smokers can begin to lessen their urge. The kit also includes 2 Lithium Ion batteries, 1 USB charger, and 1 wall adapter.

Frii guarantees that smokers will love their product. However, if customers are not satisfied they will refund your money no questions asked with their 30 day money back guarantee. They also offer a lifetime guarantee, free shipping on all orders, and a Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Frii customers can find a variety of accessories available such as car chargers, carrying cases, extra batteries, and USB adapters. Customers can also purchase demo tips. Demo tips allow multiple users to sample the Frii e-cigarette without their mouths touching the same place.

Frii allows customers the freedom to smoke anywhere. There will not be any ashes, or lingering smoke smell. Smokers will also save money, lessen the urge, and enjoy a chemical free alternative with Frii.

Check out Frii Now to purchase your starter kit!

frii e cigarettes

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