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Are E-Cigarettes All Smoke and Mirrors? Or Is Virginia Commonwealth University?

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Uncategorized | Friday 12 February 2010 4:00 pm

CNN just put out an article citing a report put out by Virginia Commonwealth University. The article’s claim is that e-cigarettes do not put out any of the nicotine they claim to and are generally ineffective as both a way to quit smoking, and a substitution to it. “They are as effective at nicotine delivery as puffing on an unlit cigarette,” said Dr. Thomas Eissenberg, at the school’s Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies.

The first thing that I think about any study conducted in Virginia is that Virginia is the third-largest tobacco producing state in the United States. They output 1.3B worth of Tobacco every year. It’s not that I think the study is bunk, I just think that there are inherent pressures exerted by a place where Tobacco is part of the lifeblood of the economy.

The study was funded by the National Cancer Institute, and they seem to be pretty reputable, but they’re just fronting the money, not doing the research. The school was run, until July 1st 2009, by Dr. Eugene Trani, a long time advocate of the tobacco industry. He’s such an advocate that he invited the CEO of Phillip Morris to speak at the school’s graduation ceremony in 2003. However, Phillip Morris is a big company, they do more than just cigarettes, and like them or not they are in fact legal, and do require business savvy to be in them, or any business, and have it be successful.

The real conflict of interest happened in February of 2000 when Eugene Trani was appointed to the Universal Corporations board of Directors. You can see in this document under “Corporate Affairs” where they welcome him. The Universal Corporation owns none other than Universal Leaf Tobacco, described on their website as the “world’s leading leaf tobacco merchant and processor.” Trani owned 1100 shares of the company at one time.

There is some likelihood that this study was conducted at a University during a time where the President of the University was a board member of a tobacco company. That sounds like a conflict of interest to me. I’m disappointed in CNN.

What do you think? Are E-Cigarettes just smoke and mirrors? Or does the tobacco friendly school have a legitimate study on their hands? Let me know in the comments.


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What Airlines Prohibit E Cigarettes?

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Uncategorized | Wednesday 10 February 2010 9:12 pm

Many airlines are now adding e-cigs to their list of prohibited inflight items. This may come as a response to passengers that were not courteous with their vaporizing or because the fake cigarettes may be interpreted as real cigarettes and inspire other passengers to light up. Regardless, it’s now more important than ever to call ahead and ask your airlines policy. You don’t want to be expecting a fix at 35,000 feet only to discover that you’re not allowed to partake. As of February 2010 the following airlines have policies against e cigarettes:

  • Continental: “The use of electronic, simulated smoking materials (cigarettes, pipes, cigars) is prohibited on Continental Airlines”
  • American: “Devices that are not allowed to be activated at any time are those, including e-cigarettes….”
  • Southwest: People report seeing ecigarettes are prohibited in the onboard literature
  • Air Canada: “Electronic cigarettes (or ‘e-cigarettes’), provided they remain stowed and unused in your carry-on baggage.”

Any major airlines I’ve missed? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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White Cloud Review – E Cigarettes

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Uncategorized | Sunday 7 February 2010 3:30 pm

The White Cloud E-cigs are a different kind of electronic cigarette from the other brands that just clone each other. They took the classic design and fundamentally changed it so as to provide the best performance in terms of reliability and experience.

The White Cloud Cirrus Cigarette is their premiere offering. This package includes two long life batteries, a USB battery charger, and 4 electronic cigarette cartridges. The cartridges are different than other brands because they do not contain solely e-cigarette liquid. Instead, they contain an atomizer inside each and every cartridge. This fundamental difference allows for a long and maintenance free life. With other brands of electronic cigarettes you’ll need to clean or repair the atomizer, but with White Cloud, you get a brand new atomizer with each cartridge your screw into the cigarette.

They offers a number of flavors in various nicotine strengths.

The flavors include: Regular, Menthol, Vanilla, Chocolate, Espresso, Peach, Whiskey, Apple, Banana, and Clove. The strengths range from Extra Strength, Full Strength, Light, Ultra Light and Nicotine Free.

There are many options for e-cigs now a days, but White Cloud has differentiated themselves with their service. They offer, for 29.95 a 2 year warranty. As long as you don’t do anything sketchy like try to modify or refill your e-cigarette, they’ll replace any part of it that malfunctions or breaks in that two year period Additionally, you can exchange the battery after a year.

The White Cloud E-Cigs are a great competitor to the established brands out there now, and if you’re not considering them, you’re missing out on a great product.

Click Here To Buy The Cirrus

UPDATE September 26, 2011:

Once again White Cloud is producing something new for their customers. Always upgrading the quality of their products, they have introduced a new flavor. Their new Kick Smooth Draw cartridge is sure to please. The cartridge’s subtle hint of honey and burst of cinnamon will provide the energy needed to jump start the day. The completely redesigned cartridges are simply designed. Vapors only need to replace the empty cartridge instead of messing around with refilling them.

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JWOWW Starts Using SmokeSticks

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Uncategorized | Saturday 6 February 2010 10:00 pm

As much as I loathe to admit it, it seems that it is completely impossible to escape the reach of Jersey Shore. If you’re at all familiar with the personalities on MTV’s popular “reality” TV show, you know that they are in your face and extreme. However, it seems like at least some of them are interested in self improvement. JWOWW, the female foil to the infamous “Snookie” has apparently quit smoking according to Perez Hilton.

This reviewer has never heard of SmokeSticks, or the Smoke Sticks brand, but they aren’t even linked in the article on Perez Hilton, so they’re probably not that big a play in the e-cig arena. However, perhaps with the endorsement of JWOWW and her giant JWOWW’s, they’ll be a name to watch out for.

Also, interesting to note, is that Perez Hilton claims she quit smoking. She didn’t quit smoking, she switched to e-cigarettes. It’s kind of a false fact, but that’s the kind of journalism you can expect from a gossipy website I suppose. Has anyone ever heard of these SmokeStick e-cigs? Are they as good as Blu Cigs?

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